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Brand: Bern Unlimited
Interviewee: Andy Steel – EU/UK International Sale Manager

What is THE hot new trend in your goggle line for FW18/19?
17/18 saw the whole line get completely remodelled, so for 18/19 we’re focusing more on a few key refinements that our retailers have been asking for. These include 5 high contrast lens options within the range and 5 new colourways to maintain accurate colour matching between the goggles and helmets.

Our exclusive 100% recyclable PLUSfoam® frameless goggle technology is becoming more and more relevant, as environmental awareness and corporate responsibility become fashionable. Aside from the green benefits, the goggles are amongst the most flexible on the market so will mould to any face shape whether you’re built for the catwalk or have a nose that can smell around corners!

We’re also constantly working to improve the physical and visual integration between our helmets and goggles. Both our PLUSfoam® and TPU Classic Series not only look great but offer a seamless transition and no gaps when paired with Bern helmets. Straps have also been upgraded with an improved silicone backing to help make sure your goggles stay where they should!

Lenses: What are your most popular tints? Are there any technical innovations to talk about for next season?
There are a good number of brands now offering high contrast lenses due to increased demand from the consumers. This feature is Bern’s equivalent to Prism or ChromaPOP and essentially lifts the contrast levels for clearer vision. High contrast lenses work great in well-lit conditions but come into their own when the light gets flat.
Bern flew under the radar with this last year although did have one high contrast option in the line. For 18/19, we’ve gone wild and have 5 high contrast models through the entire range from adults to kids. This means that regardless of your size, face shape or age, we have a high-performance lens that not only jumps off the shelf but are extremely competitively priced.

Bern is known for style, so as you’d expect we’ve put a lot of effort to pair up the lens tint/colour with the strap, lid colour and logo on the corresponding helmets

Our most popular lens this season will be the high-contrast purple/blue which is a cat 3 / 16% VLT, although we offer lens mixes between Cat 3 (bright light) and Cat 1 (low light). We include this duel lens package for all our adult models, allowing the rider to switch up the best combo for the conditions. All of our adult and teen goggles covering L, M, S frame sizes feature double layered anti-fog Spherical Lenses. The Large and Medium frame PLUSfoam® goggles – The Eastwood and Monroe, both hit the target for the higher end customer by offering a frame-less solution with a truly epic unobstructed field of vision.
We also offer insane kids Cylindrical Lens goggle collection with an XS frame size called the Brewster. This is a unisex TPU frame goggle available in boys or girls oriented colour ways that compliments the kids helmet line and, like all the goggles in our range, integrates neatly with the apex line of the helmet over the forehead. The seamless fit available when pairing our Brewster goggles with our industry-leading kids Camino or Camina Zipmold+ technology helmets enhances the experience for your young shredders and avoids the gappy look.

Frames: What system(s) are you working with? Any innovations / new features here?
We have 3 different frames within our goggle range that have all been improved for AW18/19. All our adult goggles feature LensPOP, which is one of the easiest interchangeable lens systems on the market. The lens simply snaps back off the frame, the new lens is then placed on the nose-bridge, 7 retention points now secure the new lens after the goggle strap has been clicked back in. The speed and ease of our LensPOP system will impress even the most brand loyal fans of long-established rivals. It literally takes seconds, is incredibly intuitive and gives you peace of mind that when you bail, your lens won’t!

All adult and junior goggles feature triple wicking face foam as standard with differing density’s at each layer providing the rider with great fit and a performance-oriented feel. Our kids goggle, the Brewster, rock a very comfortable but price-conscious double-wicking face foam solution.
As mentioned above, all our goggle frames are designed to offer a seamless fusion with all Bern helmets. Different frame sizes take account of differences in everyone’s face shapes and allow Bern goggle compatibility with any helmet on the market. Depending on the individual, the Eastwood and Monroe are also glasses compatible if you size up from M to L frame, so if you need a set of specs to hit the pro-line instead of a green run, you won’t be disappointed.
Top of the pops in the Bern range is our PLUSfoam® Series which is not only our highest end goggle for men and women but also waves the “Green Flag” loud and proud. PLUSfoam® is an industry exclusive material that is 100% recyclable which means there is zero waste during manufacturing or post-consumer waste at the end of its life.
However, for 99% of riders out there being environmentally minded is not enough. Fortunately for Bern, the environmental benefits of this goggle are just the cherry on the cake. The real difference comes in the weight (108-113.6 grams depending on frame size), fit, feel and unparalleled field of vision in this frameless series. The PLUSfoam® material outperforms traditional foams, rubbers and plastics by flexing and hugging your face without creating pressure points or air gaps like many other stiffer goggles on the market.
Our TPU frame option that is available in 6 models. For Adults and Juniors we have:
The Jackson (Men’s medium Frame)
Juno (Women’s medium frame)
Sawyer (Teen / Boys small frame)
Scout (Teen / Girls small frame)
Brewster (Kids, XS frame and unisex goggle)
Aside from a more durable TPU frame, these goggles feature all the same benefits as the higher end PLUSfoam® including mirrored spherical lenses on all but the Brewster, which has a cylindrical lens.

What about the colour and pattern highlights for 18/19? Are they tied to other parts of your range/product offerings?
If you’ve been a fan of Bern for years’ then you’ll know how well Bern is received by the fashion/lifestyle industry as a whole. Bern is often featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan or GQ, who pair our products with fashion collections for the season because of the style our products share. This in part is due to the effort we make in researching colourways to ensure we stay on-trend with the incoming colour pallets for each season. Bern’s ability to accessorise with so many new apparel/outerwear brands give us a universal appeal not enjoyed by any other brand.

With the above in mind, more so than ever before we’ve gone to great lengths to pair up lens, goggle strap and frame colours with our helmet range. Many of the colours within the line have remained the same although the launch of several of our new colours, directly complement our new feature helmets. Style is a core pillar of our Brand and the AW18/19 line keeps that mindset at the forefront.

Which collabs do you have in store?
We have a strong and continuing relationship with many of our pro-athletes, but for AW18/19, we’ve focused on our Henrik Harlaut Pro-model Macon helmet. Although we don’t have a specific HH goggle picked out, many of the options within our line work great with that lid!

Any interesting marketing stories?
We’ve introduced a “Patriot Concept” within our helmet and goggle combo for AW18/19. Many people instantly think of Red / White / Blue being representative of the USA or UK. In fact, the tri-colour combo above reflects the flag colours of no less than 38 countries around the world. By producing a killer-combo product that means so much to so many nations, seemed like a great move ahead of the forthcoming winter Olympics.

Please talk us through your 3 key models for FW18/19?
For Men: Eastwood Patriot Hex (inc. Gold and Purple/Blue HC lenses)
The new Patriot colourway on our award-winning Heist Brim helmet deserved a special goggle. Only the best will do so pairing the Heist Patriot with the Eastwood Patriot Hex was a no-brainer. As per the above, the Patriot is applicable for 38 different nations, so is particularly sellable during the patriotic Olympic season ahead.



For Women: Black Monroe (inc. Rose / Purple/Blue HC lenses)
Like the Eastwood, the Monroe is the women’s medium frame frameless PLUSfoam® option. In the stealth-black with both Rose and a Purple/Blue HC lens, this SKU promises to become an instant classic. At only 108g, the Monroe is one of the lightest goggles of it’s size on the market and really packs a punch.



The Jackson Blue (inc. Yellow/Blue and Purple/Blue HC lens)
The Jackson and sister goggle – the Juno, step it down a notch with a move away from the oversized look and package themselves in a durable TPU medium sized frame.



Both these options have always been strong performers for us as they really stand out at their price point but as with the rest of the line, the new colours applied to this range alongside improved anti-slip strap and the addition of triple wicking foam really separate them from the crowd! If your budget’s running short, your look doesn’t have to! The Jackson or Juno give you Pro-performance and Style while leaving you to change for the Apres!

If you are already investing in the Bern brand through purchasing our helmets, including just a few gems from this stunning goggle collection is a no-brainer and an easy sell for any consumer that wants to be part of what Bern is cooking!

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