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Brand: Dragon
Interviewee: Shay Williams, Product Development Specialist

D.4 Dragon PXV

Dragon PXV – Less bulky due to propietry lens, which increases peripheral vision

What is THE hot new trend in your goggle line for FW18/19?
The biggest news for our 2018/19 goggle lineup will be our new PXV goggle that features a toric lens shape. The shape allows for both a unique look as well as allowing us to bring the goggle around more for unmatched peripheral vision. For us, the more you can see, the better experience you’ll have on the hill, and the more comfortable you’ll be.

Lenses: What are your most popular tints? Are there any technical innovations to talk about for next season?
Standard lens tints will be the same for us. We’re working with our Lumalens® optimized technology on our tints. The technology allows for enhanced clarity and optimized colour tuning so that the user is getting the best optics for the goggle they purchase. And unlike some other brands, we didn’t upcharge and we’re offering Lumalens® on all goggles and all tints, starting fall 2017. Essentially Lumalens® became our new normal. However, one new technology is on our photochromic front. For the past few years, we had partnered with Transitions® for our photochromic needs, created four unique base tints across five of our frames. For 2018-19, we’ve developed our own photochromic lenses that functions the same, changes tint in the same time frame as Transitions and have wider VLT ranges.

Frames: What system(s) are you working with? Any innovations / new features here?
The new frame and lens combo in PXV frame allows us to bring the goggle further back, which allows for more peripheral vision. It’s not a new technology, rather giving the wearer more of what they need, which is visible area.

What about the colour and pattern highlights for 18/19? Are they tied to other parts of your range/product offerings?
The colours and straps are the same as every year in the fact that they are developed using what’s on trend and what we think the market will bear. We’re utilizing a lot of sublimated prints that allow for complex straps and different colour schemes that we think are really pleasing and consumers will like.

Which collabs do you have in store?
We haven’t dialled all of our collaborations yet, but we are working with Faction (the primary ski manufacturer in Europe) on a goggle. With Faction and Japanese artist Kengo Kimura, we’ve created a one-off X2 goggle that will be a part of a larger Faction/Dragon product collaboration that features skis and other products.



Any interesting marketing stories?
The new frame and the in-house developed photochromic tints will be the big stories. Of course, we have updated Signature Series straps (Danny Davis, Blake Paul, Jossi Wells, Chris Benchetler, Forest Bailey, Gigi Rüf, & Bryan Iguchi) that we will market accordingly. And the Lumalens® colour optimized lenses are still an extremely important story for us, but the expansion is happening currently in FA17/18 so it will be behind the newer product stories.

Please talk us through your 3 key models for FW18/19?
The new goggle, as I mentioned earlier, will feature a toric-shaped lens, that has asymmetrical base curves. A traditional cylindrical goggle is only curved on the X-axis (say, roughly, 5 or 6), and a spherical goggle is curved on both, but is, like the name suggests, spherical. So the curves are the same. Our new lens will use a unique, non-symmetrical base curvature. Two reasons: It allows us to bring the goggle further back—more wrap, if you will—that opens up the field of view. Secondly, it allows for a unique look and slightly better optics than a traditional cylindrical lens. It will, of course, be offered in Lumalens® tints, coated with our Super Anti-Fog treatment, treated with our Oleophobic and Hydrophobic coatings, use armoured venting and silicon backed straps for a secure fit with helmets.

X1 Lumalens® Photochromic Yellow
I chose this as it’s indicative of the entire photochromic line of goggles we’re offering next season. As stated earlier, we stopped the partnership with Transitions® and developed our own photochromic, aptly named: Lumalens Photochromic®. Our new photochromic lenses react the same in UV light, adapting instantly to changing conditions, as the same timetables as our current Transitions® lenses. The range of VLTs will be slightly wider and offer a better visible spectrum. The base tints on the yellow, amber and light rose utilize Lumalens® technology, so you’re getting the very best in colour optimized optical clarity, no matter the photochromic state. The X1 is a premium spherical goggle with injection moulded lenses and is created with our Patented Frameless Design. The X1 comes with armoured venting, Super Anti-Fog coating, a full complement of Lumalens® tints and more.



NFX2 Signature Series
The NFX2 is our staple premium goggle in a cylindrical package. The goggle has all the bells and whistles, and the Signature Series adds a little bit more than the standard versions. The artwork has been created in conjunction with our aforementioned world-class athletes to create goggle designs that are truly unique on the market. For instance: Chris Benchetler and Forest Bailey created the artwork on their straps. Blake Paul enlisted his sister’s artwork for his. Danny Davis’s is a partnership with his Peace Park brand. It’s truly a one of kind piece.
The NFX2 is the choice of a lot of our athletes because it’s a premium goggle with great functionality, as well as a great silhouette. The NFX2 has all the bells and whistles: Swiftlock lens changing system, patented frameless design, armoured venting, premium injection moulded lenses, 200-percent stronger Super Anti-Fog coating, bonus replacement lens and more. Additionally, the NFX2 utilizes our Lumalens® colour optimized lenses bringing next level clarity, adaptability, and style to the Dragon lineup.



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