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Catagory: Goggles
Brand: SPY Optic
Interviewee: Andrew Thomas – Marketing Manager



What is THE hot new trend in your goggle line for FW18/19?
SPY’s XL, low-profile, and Over-the-Glass (OTG) compatible LEGACY goggle hits the 18/19 market with a full offering of frame colour options, including new signature styles from athletes Eric Jackson and Wiley Miller, and art from Danny Larsen. The Legacy’s impact on the rest of the line can be clearly seen as its updated Happy Lens™ lens stamp has been applied to all our 18/19 goggles, allowing for a very clean presentation and strong branding front and centre. The Legacy effectively takes the place of the Doom as an update to one of our best-selling goggles of all time.

Lenses: What are your most popular tints? Are there any technical innovations to talk about for next season?
Our tints for sunny conditions continue to be our top four most popular lenses: Happy Gray Green w/ Silver Spectra™, Happy Gray Green w/ Red Spectra™, Happy Rose w/ Dark Blue Spectra™ and Happy Bronze w/ Green Spectra™.
For mixed or flat light, our persimmon and yellow-based Lucid lenses offer optimal performance for whiteout conditions or navigating the white room. New for 18/19 is a Happy Bronze w/ Gold Spectra™ lens featured on our stellar SPY + Space Legacy colourway, an ode to NASA and a must-have for riders who want to send it to the moon (and back). This colourway’s 3D strap stands off the shelves and offers a tactile experience for those thinking of taking a spacewalk.
Finally, we are excited to release a groundbreaking technical innovation for lens tints in an all-new offering. This game changer will be released at OR Snow Show, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the latest from SPY.

Frames: What system(s) are you working with? Any innovations / new features here?
The Legacy features the Lock Steady™ 2 lens change system, an updated version of SPY’s renowned Lock Steady system. This streamlined mechanism is designed to allow for a thinner goggle profile, effectively bringing the goggle lens closer to the eyes and allowing for greater peripheral vision. Additionally, the Legacy has eliminated obtrusive lens vents and even allows for OTG compatibility for our four-eyed friends.

What about the colour and pattern highlights for 18/19? Are they tied to other parts of your range/product offerings?
New colour stories include our Herringbone collection, a beautifully detailed and sophisticated approach to a classic pattern. For 18/19, we are excited to release Herringbone Navy, Herringbone Mint, Herringbone Olive and Herringbone Red to the line.
In addition to our Herringbone colour story, we are excited to release our new Native Nature colour story, which blends beautiful nature imagery with geometric patterns seen in traditional Native American art. The result is an eye-catching, detailed-yet-subtle strap that will pair well with a variety of outerwear and helmets. Native Nature will be available in Green, Navy, Pink and Red iterations.
Finally, we are stoked to drop an updated Camo colour pattern that incorporates a bit more of our brand colours and differentiates itself from other Camo designs with finer detail and a silicon logo hit. This new Camo colourway is found on the Legacy, Bravo, Marshall, Ace, Raider and Cadet.

Which collabs do you have in store?
In addition to our new signature Legacy frames with Wiley Miller and Eric Jackson, we are pumped on our collaborations with Phil Casabon on his latest signature Ace, as well as with Helen Schettini on her new signature Bravo. We will continue with our popular Colorado and New Mexico colourways and will be creating other SMUs for specific regions.

Any interesting marketing stories?
In terms of merchandising, our perennially popular Danny Larsen collaboration will now touch two frames: the Legacy and the Marshall. This provides options for different face sizes while still retaining the best-selling and mysterious artwork from our favourite Scandinavian artist with roots in the snowboarding world. In addition, Eric Jackson’s Legacy will merch well next to his upcoming signature Hunt sunglass. These two pieces share similar graphics and Ejack’s signature as a stamp of approval. As a sponsored angler, Ejack asked for an advanced Happy Lens tint in his Hunt sunglass, so we cooked up the all-new Happy Rose Polar w/ Green Gold Spectra™ lens for utmost clarity and glare-free vision when sight-casting.

Please talk us through your 3 key models for FW18/19?
LEGACY: SPY + Eric Jackson
Woven and raised AK peaks on this black/ grey strap speak to Ejack’s love of big lines and deep landings. A signature patch on the strap features Eric’s banjo, a mountain, and a pine tree—three items incorporated into his everyday life. A low-profile frame with an XL Happy Silver Spectra lens allows for unobscured peripherals and a bit of attitude at altitude. As a bonus, Ejack’s signature Legacy comes with a spare Happy Yellow w/ Lucid Green lens that can easily be changed out via a streamlined Lock Steady™ 2 lens change system.

ACE: SPY + Phil Casabon
Phil Casabon (AKA B-Dog) exploded on the scene nearly ten years ago. Since then, he’s added his own inimitable skiing style to contests, film parts, web edits and everything in-between. Now, with the third rendition of his signature Ace, Phil has tapped into his psychedelic side to come up with stylish strap art that is the yin to this functional goggle’s yang. Featuring an installed Happy Bronze w/ Green Spectra lens that can easily be switched using its QuickDraw lens change system, the SPY + Phil Casabon Ace compliments style with utility in a radical medium-large goggle that will get you psyched without breaking the bank.



Danny Larsen’s snowboarding career may be winding down, but his artwork’s stock continues to rise. New for 18/19 is Danny’s Legacy and Marshall merch combination, both of which feature his detailed mountain scape artwork in a grayscale colourway that is understated and seamlessly blends with any helmet or outerwear combo. Danny’s artwork continues to be a favourite of both skiers and snowboarders, so it only makes sense to expand his offering into these two frames to provide options for any face size. As always, Danny’s signature goggles come with SPY’s Happy Lens and feature an installed Silver Spectra tint for Sunny days alongside a free premium bonus lens for mixed or flat light conditions.



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