Looking Sideways Podcast: David Benedek, Pro-Snowboarder-Turned-Creative Director

Presented by Matt Barr, the Looking Sideways Action Sports podcast “uncovers the most fascinating stories in action sports and other related endeavours”. The latest episode features former pro-snowboarder-turn-creative-director, David Benedek, as he discusses his pro days and his days after snowboarding, which include the compilation of his groundbreaking book, ‘Current State: Snowboarding‘. The interview between these two veterans of the snowboarding industry provides some unprecedented insight into “creativity” both in snowboard media and the industry in general. Listen here

Matt & Benedek

Matt Barr & David Benedek

David: Five Things We Learned 

One of snowboarding’s great creative influences on the lessons of his life

1. He thinks he retired at the right time.

“People always say ‘You retired at your peak’, but I’m always like ‘No way, I milked the shit out of it’”.

2. He think of himself as a curator rather than a creator.

‘“I’m not even sure if I’m a creative person. I enjoy connecting things and compiling things. I don’t really create. And I’m totally OK with not being a ‘creative’ person”.

3. Creativity is work, first and foremost.

“The banality of actually sitting down and doing something” as David describes it, is the foundation of much of his modern day creativity. “For me its about powering through the shit and hopefully coming up with something decent”.

4. Escaping the ‘bubble of inflated self-belief’ that is the state of being a professional athlete isn’t easy.

“I’ve talked about this a lot with some of my ex-pro snowboarder friends. As a kid you think you’re unique, but you have to grow up and leave those dreams behind. Yet as an athlete you get 200% validation that you are special, which means that growing up comes later.”

5. Snowboarding’s Yankophile appeal

“Snowboarding for me was part of the same bubble of American culture that surrounded things like ET and BMX bikes. When I look back now, it’s incredible how attractive that was to me. I get goosebumps thinking about it now. It was incredibly exciting”.

Listen to David’s podcast here.


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