RVCA Presents Benjamin Jeanjean | Covered Chaos

One of RVCA’s most prevalent artists in their Artist Network Programme (ANP), Benjamin Jeanjean presents his new project; ’Covered Chaos’. The exhibition consists of a large scale mural and was unveiled at Berlin’s recent BRIGHT trade show. 

Press Release: HOSSEGOR, France (Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018) – Presenting COVERED CHAOS, a 5-metre long x 2-metre high mural artwork by global ANP artist Benjamin Jeanjean.

On a visit to Berlin’s ever-inspiring neighbourhoods, and leveraging BRIGHT trade show and fashion week dynamics, RVCA and Benjamin partnered-up to speak loud & clear thru the art-channel.

Delivering a live-art execution and impressive work of art to the thousands passing by BRIGHT, Jeanjean continues his exploration grounded in life experience and an interpretation of our world’s challenges.

Coming-up in FALL 18 (July’18), his RVCA TRUE STORIES capsule collection with benefits going to NGOs.


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