Elliot Brown Launches Neon Rubber Straps In Time For Spring

Combining style and functionality perfectly, Poole-based watch brand Elliot Brown have launched a new range of on trend neon watch straps that hold their own in rugged outdoor conditions without compromising on style. Made from EPDM rubber these straps are hypoallergenic so aren’t sticky like silicone can be.  They are perfect for watersport lovers as they are resistant to seawater and won’t disintegrate from UV ray damage. 

Press Release: Show off a hint of neon this spring with a new line in chic neon straps from precision watch designers, Elliot Brown.

The Poole-based specialists have combined their passion for making durable, weatherproof watches – perfect for the great outdoors – with on trend, stunning colours. Turning any Elliot Brown watch into a watch for all occasions.

Soft to the touch, the EPDM rubber strap is hypoallergenic and isn’t sticky like silicone can be. Resistant to seawater, UV and extremely cold temperatures, these straps encompass every feature vital to the active, adventurous people who choose to wear Elliot Brown watches.

Ian Elliot says, “We needed a practical rubber strap that performs effortlessly, just like our watches. They’re laden with the kind of gorgeous detailing we’re renowned for including a lovely local story involving the breather lines cut into the back that are hand drawn contours from a favourite coastal spot.”

At every stage of the design process, Ian Elliot and Alex Brown have chosen to go above and beyond:

Perfect Profile 

The 3D profile of the strap perfectly moulds to fit up against the watch case. The edges of the strap slope at 45 degrees from the shoulder of the watch all the way to the tip, resulting in a soft silhouette against the wrist and an incredibly strong strap. It’s also easier to slide under a cuff without getting it snagged.


After four redesigns, Elliot Brown decided on a specific curve that enables the buckle to meet the strap perfectly when it’s buckled up. The buckle is secured to the strap with a screw-in pin, not a spring-bar, and the sides of the buckle have a subtle crosshatch texture to make it easier to hold when removing the watch.


The strap is an incredibly comfortable 22mm wide at the watch, tapered to 20mm at the buckle – which means it isn’t too wide under the wrist. The thickness is 4mm at the watch to 3mm at the buckle, making it flexible and comfortable whilst remaining tough and durable.


On the underside of the strap a set of contour lines have been drawn and moulded into the strap, inspired by the lines of Tyneham Cap – the tallest point near Kimmeridge Bay where Ian and Alex surf, hike and mountain bike on the Jurassic Coast. This helps the strap to flex and keeps water from getting trapped next to the skin.


Elliot Brown has ensured the length of the straps fits the average wrist diameter, without too much excess strap sticking out at the end.


Each strap features a subtle embossed Elliot Brown logo along one edge.

Strap Holes 

Holes within the strap for buckling are angled at the same degree as the tongue, rather than vertical, so there’s zero pressure – allowing the buckle and strap to fit naturally. Complicated to design, and difficult to machine the mould, but well worth the extra detailing and comfort.


Even the keepers didn’t escape their attention. The keeper nearest the buckle is kept in place by small shoulders on the outside edge of the strap, and to stop the other sliding off the end of the strap, the tip of the strap has a tapered ramp that allows the strap to slide through the keeper but not slide off. The edges have been carefully rounded so there are no corners or edges to catch on.

Ian Elliot continues, “It took a lot of time to get these straps right, but we think the effort was worth it. We wore the prototypes all-day every day for six months, and this is by far our new favourite strap. Comfy, durable, great for messing around in the water, and looks every bit as smart as a leather strap.  We also made it in some fun colours that our customers are loving”.

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