Europe’s Oldest Surf Contest: BIARRITZ QUIKSILVER MAIDER AROSTEGUY 34th Edition

The BIARRITZ QUIKSILVER MAIDER AROSTEGUY is the oldest surfing competition in Europe, takes place over Easter weekend and will see 250 surfers from across the planet descend upon the Basque city of Biarritz.

This year Hawaiian waterman and son of legendary ‘Buffalo’ Keaulana, Brian Keaulana will preside over the 4th annual BIARRITZ WAVE RIDERS CEREMONY, which was presided over last year by Laird Hamilton.

Brian Keaulana

Brian Keaulana

Press Release: In 2018, we celebrate the 34th edition on the Grande Plage of Biarritz, from March 31 to April 2 during the Easter weekend.
This contest is named after a famous Biarrot, Maïder AROSTEGUY, the famous delicatessen (created more than 140 years ago and known throughout the world).
Maïder was an emblematic figure of the city and supported the first surf competitions organized by Robert RABAGNY in the early 80’s.
This competition brings together surfers from many generations (6 categories -18 years old) with open categories featuring men and women who are regularly compete on the world circuits.
This meeting over the weekend of Easter in Biarritz brings together 250 surfers from all over France and Dom Tom, Basques, Italians, English, Spanish and other European nationalities.

Brian Keaulana is a Hawaiian surfer, rescuer and waterman who is well known throughout the world. He is the son of the legendary ‘Buffalo’ Keaulana and was born and raised on the beach of Makaha.

Brian Keaulana is one of the most respected watermen in the world; practicing surfing of all types (foil, surf, SUP, longboard, tandem, pirogue, tow-in …), he also has a perfect mastery of skiing and a huge experience in the waves and the ocean. He also attaches particular importance to the prevention of accidents: “safety first and foremost”. He regularly shares his valuable advice at a meeting of big wave surfers at the Big Wave Safety Day.

He starred in Baywatch: Hawaii and has provided invaluable support as a stunt coordinator in dozens of important films.

He’s known to the Basque coast after he surfed the Biarritz Surf Festival in 1995 with his father Buffalo and his brother Rusty, who is a longboard world champion.

This ceremony honours the athletes who achieved prowess in 2017 in their respective disciplines:
Longboard tow-in
Beach lifeguard kneeboard

In 2017, Laird Hamilton presided over the ceremony. This year, the 4th BIARRITZ WAVE RIDERS CEREMONY will be chaired by Brian KEAULANA and will honour the Portuguese surfer Hugo VAU, who this year surfed in Nazaré one of the biggest waves ever surfed (35 meters).


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