Third Annual Paris Surf and Skateboard Film Festival

The 3rd edition of the Paris Surf and Skateboard Film Festival is due to take place on the September 27, 2018, the event is due to kick off with the opening of the 1978 Primitive Skateboarding exhibition followed by the showing of this years surf and skateboarding films. 

Paris Surf and Skate Film Festival

The Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival team is pleased to announce the opening of the 3rd edition at the Lieu Secret (ex-cinema L’Entrepôt), Paris.

On the program of the evening

From 6 pm, opening of the 1978 Primitive Skateboarding exhibitions
From Biarritz Yearbook 2017 (surf)
DJ set: JC (Paris Radio Hotel)

At 8 pm, presentation of the festival and projection of the short program
features 1 – discover the selection below.

Starting at 9:30 pm, DJ sets: 10LEC6 Soundsystem / DVNO – open to everyone with free access

Bar and restaurant on site.

Looking forward to see you there !
The PSSFF team

Program of short films 1 – 20:00

Africa Riding: Ghana
Liz Gomis & Aurélien Biette
Web serie · France · 2018 · 6’43
Africa Riding meets rider communities that are helping to create a new cultural and social order in Africa.

Jameson Pepper
France · 2018 · 3’10 (vostf)
Three brothers leave Casablanca for the south of Morocco in search of blue gold, this inexhaustible gold, source of all the travels and all the perditions, but this gold, our three brothers will return it on the horizon. The quest for blue gold is the quest for the wave.

Anders Melchior
Norway · 2017 · 6 ‘(vostf)
More and more young Chinese are pursuing their own dreams and seeking greater personal freedom. This state of mind contrasts and prepares the future. Awen’s mother would like him to become a fisherman like his ancestors. Awen, what he wants is surfing.

Build Ramps not Walls
Brian Adamkiewicz
USA / Mexico · 2018 · 13’34 (vostf)
Through the eyes of an 8-year-old Mexican-American, the film immerses us in a community of bi-national skaters living in Mexico wanting to spread a positive message in response to the new Mexico-US policy. Introduced after the 2016 presidential elections.

The Outrider
Jeremy Joyce & Rob Lockyear
UK · 2018 · 30 ‘
In 1979, Mike Strident, invents a revolutionary board “The Outrider”. He becomes the highest paid surfer in history. But his empire collapses with the arrival of the board with 3 fins. Thirty years later, the Californian Tommy Tonata discovers the original Outrider and tries to put Strident back on the scene.


On the cover: Pukas’ Adur Letamendia surfing the Pukas Pegaso by Chris Christenson. Photo by Carles Medina.


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