Big Wave Rider Gautier Garanx Joins Northcore

Northcore announced that French big wave rider Gautier Garanx will be joining their European surf team. Having won the Billabong XXL Award for the biggest wave surfed in 2014 and taking on big waves regularly means trust in your gear is essential, Garanx. says Northcore products perfectly match what I expect,”. 

Gautier Garanx_Northcore_Online

Northcore is pleased to announce that French big wave surfer Gautier Garanx has joined their European surf team.

Garanx is from Bayonne in the Basque region of France and from the age of 12 has grown up surfing the regions world-famous breaks. Local waves like Hossegor and Belharra have fueled Gautier’s passion for big wave surfing, which reached a high in 2014 when he won the Billabong XXL Award for the biggest wave surfed that year. He caught a 19m (62ft ) wave at Belharra, SW France which secured him a place in the record books and place among the worlds big wave surfing elite.

Garanx said about joining the team “Northcore products perfectly match what I expect, built to last, well thought out and elegant design. In big wave surfing you must be focused on the wave and not ask you questions about the quality of the products you’re using“.

Gautier loves the ocean and free surfing big waves is where he feels most at home. He is keen on training and physical preparation in and out of the water so he’s fully prepared for his next session. Training includes pool swimming, foil surfing and free diving.

Northcore CEO Matt Strathern says of the new team member “It’s great to welcome Gautier to the team. He’s fearless, dedicated and lives to surf so he’s a perfect fit with the Northcore brand”


On the cover: Pukas’ Adur Letamendia surfing the Pukas Pegaso by Chris Christenson. Photo by Carles Medina.


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