°hf And RESTUBE Join Forces For More Freedom And Safety On The Water

°hf and RESTUBE have joined forces to provide paddle boarders with a ‘RESTUBE Ready’ patch which can be attached to your clothing meaning you don’t have to carry around the extra bulk of a belt. 

°hf and RESTUBE join forces for more freedom and safety on the water

Press Release: °hf and RESTUBE join forces for more freedom and safety on the water

The new SUP belt Synergy by the brand °hf is equipped with real innovation. The so called RESTUBE READY patch enables a direct connection to Restubes.

Two brands with one big goal: Making watersports more enjoyable for everyone.

Board, paddle, clothing – the right equipment is important for Stand up Paddlers. In addition, safety tools are relevant. Even the best paddler can fall off the board. A breeze sweeps the board away and suddenly you find yourself swimming in the middle of the lake. A leash helps you to stay connected to the board. Restube gives you additional flotation when needed, makes you visible and you can help others.

The German brand °hf looks back at three decades of experience in developing safety equipment for watersports and has recently started to supply the Stand up Paddle market with innovative designs. The new SUP Belt °hf Synergy makes Stand Up Paddling safer with a smart Emergency-Release-System. And on the RESTUBE READY patch Restube can easily be attached with a connector.

The Restube-Buoy in the little pouch has been on the market for six years now. Thanks to its small and lightweight design it is always with you. One pull on the trigger and the yellow buoy inflates within seconds. Now you have flotation and visibility and can hand it over to help others.

The right safety equipment is the basis for a great paddling experience. “°hf products are known for making your time on the water better and safer. With the Restube Ready connection, we offer even more flexibility and safety. We care about your safety on the water!” Says Jutta Kaiser, managing director of °hf.


A patch on the dry suit, on sailing gear, a lycra shirt, a harness or a bathing suit enables the direct connection of Restube without a waist belt. „In my opinion, every watersports athlete should wear a Restube. It ́s so small and can have such a big impact in several scenarios. The RESTUBE READY connection makes it even easier to attach Restube to your equipment – that’s a great improvement!“ says Loic Branda, former French Olympic swimmer, event organizer and swimming coach. Attach it once and you have your head free for every adventure in the water!

The °hf Synergy with RESTUBE READY patch is now available in your specialist stores.




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