Red Bull Roller Coaster 2019 Course Overview

In less than 4 week the Red Bull Roller Coaster is due to take place as part of the Munich Action Sports Heros (MASH) festival held at the Olympic Park in Munich. Oli Bürgin and Andreas Schützenberger have made some slight tweak to this years course, they may have even added a loop.

The Red Bull Roller Coaster

Press Release: 60 tons of wood, almost 100 000 screws and 1260 hours of works – that’s what it takes to turn the Red Bull Roller Coaster into reality. Seven experienced ramp builders, led by “Roller Coaster”-masterminds Oli Bürgin and Andreas Schützenberger, will be working three full weeks again this year to set up the downhill skateboard course in the terraces of the Olympic Park in Munich. Skaters and spectators can expect an even more technical track at Munich Mash 2019 and prepare for June 29th, when the big question is: “Who is the most versatile skateboarder in the world?”
While designing the track, skateboarding expert Oli Bürgin created some new obstacles and details to make the ride even more challenging for the athletes: “The route of the track was intentionally kept close to the original line, carefully tweaked and slightly extended to create a smooth ride with exciting new features and trick options.“ New obstacles on the course include the “Speedy Spine“ right in the first section and the “Track Attack“ obstacle with immense opportunities for full-throttle tricks. A real roller coaster ride is not complete without a loop, some might say – so let’s welcome the brand new “BF Goodrich Tire“ that forms the final end boss section of Red Bull Roller Coaster along the well-known “Wicked Watergap“ and the “Highstriker Quarter“ on the floating platform in the Olympic lake.
22-year old US-American starter Fabiana Delfino from Boca Raton, Florida, already did well in last year’s event and is happy to return to Munich again for Red Bull Roller Coaster 2019: “There are endless things that make this event so amazing! The competitors, course, the crowd – but most importantly it’s the town of Munich. Munich is such a beautiful one-of-a-kind place. The greenest grass and the friendliest people. Great beer, too.“
Same goes for last year’s champion Jake Ilardi (US), who will defend his title this year: “I’m really looking forward to this year’s Roller Coaster and defending my title! It would be sick to go back to back! It’s going to be a good time with everyone and Munich is going to be a blast as always!“ The 22-year old pro skater from Osprey, Florida, who has already been skating for the past 18 years of his young life mentions skateboard legend and two times SOTY Danny Way among his great idols: “I always watched the DC Video and Danny’s part always stood out the most to me because he was skating everything; vert, street, bowls, and the Mega Ramp. After watching that part, I was like – yeah, I want to skate everything!“ For an all-terrain skateboarder like Jake, Red Bull Roller Coaster is the ideal ride: “There’s no other event like this one – it’s a snake run with street and transition features all down the course! You’re going so fast! All the different skaters coming out makes it special, too. It’s always a fun time in Munich!“
Stay tuned for the final roster to compete at Red Bull Roller Coaster 2019. For those who cannot make it to the free of charge Munich Mash 2019 on Saturday, June 29th, Red Bull Roller Coaster will be broadcasted live on Red Bull TV.




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