Rip Curl Announces Global Eyewear Partnership With ADCL

Having worked with Rip Curl, in the European eyewear market, since 2008, ADCL has now signed a 5 year global eyewear licence partnership due to come into place mid 2019. “ADCL has done an outstanding job of growing the Rip Curl optical eyewear business in Europe over the past 10 years.” says Steve Kay, General Manager of Rip Curl International

Rip Curl announces Global Deal with ADCL

Press Release: Rip Curl and ADCL are pleased to announce a new 5 year global eyewear License partnership commencing in mid 2019. ADCL has operated the European Rip Curl eyewear License since 2008, and in that time Rip Curl has become a leading brand in the European eyewear market with over 300,000 units sold per year.

“Rip Curl is stoked to announce the expanded global partnership in optical eyewear and sunglasses with ADCL,” said Steve Kay, General Manager of Rip Curl International. “ADCL has done an outstanding job of growing the Rip Curl optical eyewear business in Europe over the past 10 years. They are a highly trusted partner who we believe have expertise and passion required to grow our business on a global basis with leading opticians and other eyewear specialists.

“ADCL will receive full marketing support from Rip Curl International, together with distribution opportunities in Rip Curl stores on a worldwide basis”.

Olivier Petitfils CEO of ADCL, echoes this sentiment and gives insight into the new global partnership. “ADCL has been receiving an increasing number of enquiries about Rip Curl eyewear from outside of Europe,” he said. “We have identified strong opportunities for these products in North and South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Pacific.

“We look forward to working with Rip Curl on a global scale and are excited about the opportunity to provide quality eyewear to more customers around the world.”

ADCL is an independent French company created in 1994 by optical professionals and has been a leading player in optical frames and sunglasses since that time. Today, with more than 25 years of experience, ADCL finds itself as France’s premiere eyewear manufacturer. Its mission is to find solutions that will achieve “great vision for better living” for

its customers.

Born in 1969, Rip Curl’s vision is to be “The Ultimate Surfing Company”. Rip Curl seeks to continually create innovative, functional and durable products for The Search, and has an intense focus on exceeding the expectations of customers.

There will be further development of optical products and a larger range of premium Rip Curl sunglasses, together with the development of a new mid-price range of sunglasses. As with all Rip Curl products, Rip Curl eyewear will focus on premium distribution only. Distributors have already been appointed for the USA and Canada. Potential distributors are currently being evaluated for other key regions.

Rip Curl and ADCL look forward to the next five years of partnership.




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