Vans Europe Presents: Mockba Life, Skate Flick Shot in Russia

Vans Europe visits Vans Russia for a fortnight to check out Moscow’s skate spots, Russian lifestyle, meet Stas and drink vodka. Their visit is documented in Mockba Life, a new film by Max Pack, Romain Batard and editor, Paul Labadie.

Daniel Lutheran + Kalle Wiehn with a Security Guard Moscow

Daniel Lutheran + Kalle Wiehn with a Security Guard Moscow

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Vans Europe Presents: Mockba Life

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Vans is proud to present Mockba Life, a trip following Vans Europe as they visit their northern teammates from the Vans Russia skate team to skate the plazas and spots around the city of Moscow. Featuring Chris Pfanner, Kalle Wiehn, Joseph Bias, Axel Cruysberghs, Victor Pellegrin, Albert Nyberg, Dan Lutheran, Pepe Tirelli, Yeelen Moens, Val Baeur, Thanos Panou, Josh Young and from Vans Russia; Roma Ivanov, Alexey Krasniy and Eugene Nikolaev.

Van Europe, Mockba Life

Van Europe in Moscow

During the trip we had the chance to experience the true Russian lifestyle and mostly because they got to meet Stas; A.K.A. The Boss. Moscow’s a very unique place and thanks to the Olympics in Sochi in 2014, they’ve renovated the city centre, leading to a load of new skate spots.

The film was shot by Max Pack and Romain Batard and edited by Paul Labadie. It captures the skating, and everything in-between, during the 14 days they spent in Russia adventuring their exotic marble plazas and of course, their vodka.

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