GoPro The Moment Product Launch

With a simultaneous launch in the EMEA hub Munich and San Francisco, California, GoPro unveiled the brand new HERO6 camera and their 360 device Fusion yesterday, that might just be the future of capturing the moment in the most perfect way. Report and images by SOURCE German Editor, Anna Langer.

With a live stream from San Francisco, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman unveiled the latest offering in the Hero line of cameras, that for the first time ever features a processor that was developed by GoPro from scratch. Equipped with this GP1 the HERO6 is offering double the performance, including built-in image stabilization that resembles that of a hand-held stabilizer.

Even more future-like is their new 360 camera Fusion, that captures everything going on around you with a high end camera on the front and back side, that even makes the pole you’re holding it with unseen in the footage.

Yet what could be the absolute game changer for GoPro in the action sports camera market is their Quik Stories app. Already available now, it turns your filmed clips into an edit with a couple of clicks, and while using preset transitions and tunes may not be too appealing for the creative types out there, it’s a gold mine for all the regular customers, whose footage would otherwise sit on a hard drive for months (or even years) without ever seeing the light of a screen (not speaking of all the family members and friends who have to bare witness to boring ski holiday vids, who will now be able to enjoy short, entertaining clips combining all the fun in digestible bites).

And with the new software updates planned for Quik Stories in early 2018, GoPro will take 360 another step further. With the Overcapture feature, you’re able to extract a regular film clip out of your 3D footage – following any bit in this footage that you like, making it seem like you had you’re very own filmer right on your heels. As an example, they showed footage of the Fusion camera set up in the middle of a bowl from which the skateboarder then extracted his line as a regular video clip, giving the impression the camera was flying right behind him.

This is something the Karma Drone will actually be able to do in its updated version that was also launched yesterday, including a new tilt up perspective that allows the camera to film not only what is going on below, but also above in the sky, which again provides unique new angles for the story telling of your favourite moments.

Of course all this brand new technology has its price – the Fusion will retail for €749.99 ($699), the Hero6 for €569.99 ($499) and the Karma Drone for €999.99 ($799 or $1199 bundled with the Hero6).


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