Hurricane Irma Reduces Surf Expo From 4 Days To 2: Report & Images

SOURCE flew into Orlando, Florida for Surf Expo on Wednesday (Sept 6th) evening knowing it was probably the calm before the storm. The demo day allowed retailers a great opportunity to test the next year’s paddle boards under a murky sky. The following day Surf Expo opened for business as planned with retailers and brands already knowing the show’s last day was already cancelled. A number of exhibitors as a result decided not to show and retailers started to cancel appointments as the weather situation deteriorated. Then midday Thursday it was announced that the Friday was also cancelled and we were all advised to leave as soon as the show closed that afternoon. Surf Expo did their best, but even though we all like radical in our industry, this was mother nature dishing up her version. It took me 4 hours to find a flight out, with flights disappearing on flight aggregators before my eyes. 

Let’s hope all those who stayed behind managed to do so unharmed.

SOURCE had all wake and SUP meetings scheduled for the Thursday and surf brands for the Friday, so with the Friday cancelled last minute, our 2017 Summer Surf Expo gallery is made up of wake and SUP only. Report and images by Clive Ripley.


Source Issue 91 cover

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