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Welcome to the Summer Skate & Street Issue. Summer time is a big deal in Europe. Winter is when European skateboarders survive, summer is when we thrive. Once the days get longer and temperatures climb across the continent, there’s a certain kind of buzz in the air. Super-charged on sunlight, the skateboard scene is alive with activity, from grassroots barbecues and backyard sessions, to contests and demos, all the way to industry tradeshows.
This summer will show where the road is headed for many companies and businesses in skateboarding, large and small. In this issue, the special Skateboard & Street Issue, we want to analyze the status quo, shine a light on the things to come and celebrate the history.
Let’s start with history: In our Big Wig Interview, we talk to CEO Matt Hill of Globe, the company started by his brothers 30 years ago in a warehouse in Melbourne, Australia. Today, their products are sold in over 100
countries – and none other than Rodney Mullen helps design their trucks and next-generation board constructions. In this issue’s Buyer Interview, one of Europe’s oldest and most respected skateboard shops, Slam City Skates, drops some knowledge on how to stay in business.
Armed with their tablets and smart phones, digital price hunters are on the prowl, ready to strike when the opportunity for catching a hot item at super low prices occurs. In our feature story, we detail what the rise of predatory consumers means for our industry, and how companies can maintain brand value. On that note, proper in-store presentation is the first step of the value chain, and this issue’s Retailer Help section details how – and how NOT – to use point-of-sale materials.

Looking ahead, our Brand Profiles feature some new and upcoming brands including Vimana Snowboards, Melon and Macbeth Footwear. And to help retailers make informed buying decisions during the summer tradeshow circuit, our Trend Reports offer the latest on skate hardgoods and streetwear (men’s and women’s) and for those stocking up for the beach, what’s hot in swimwear and boardshorts.
Keep your eyes and ears open this summer, and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Because before you know it, summer will be over. But before the cold season rears its ugly head, we get to write history.

Stay sideways,

Dirk Vogel, Skateboard Editor

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