686’s WFH-Inspired Everywhere Snap-Up Shirt

Website: 686.com

While other brands were methodically launching new products last month in cadence with pre-planned schedules and campaigns, 686 Technical Apparel did something a little different in their most recent campaign to launch their new Everywhere Snap-Up Shirt. Instead of showcasing how the shirt works in urban and outdoor settings, 686’s employees and professional ski and snowboard team showed off their personal spaces and styles, providing unique insight into their lives during Shelter In Place.

The 686 Everywhere Shirt campaign was concepted and executed entirely during the Shelter In Place order and is an example of the way a small independent brand like 686 can pivot, creating messaging that resonates with consumers during these times.

“The Everywhere Shirt was originally intended to transition from the boardroom to the trail. We didn’t feel responsible shooting or showing our athletes and advocates on the trail during the Shelter In Place order, so we all got together and decided to do something a little different,” noted 686 Head of Marketing, Brent Sandor. 

The campaign shines the light on the 686 employees and sponsored athletes home lives with various photos of their homes, yards and flat-lay outfit grids of their personal daily apparel.

“While we didn’t feel that we could responsibly showcase all the activities the shirt excels in, we felt we could give our community a glimpse into our personal lives and styles while showcasing the shirt’s versatility and the fact that is can fit so many personal styles,” noted Sandor. He continued, “Everyone was adjusting their lifestyle to a new norm and we thought it would be very fitting to provide a peak into our new at-home lifestyles as well as some of our spaces. I’ve always been inspired by other people’s creative spaces and this just felt right for the time and product.”

Much like Saturday Night Live (At Home), there were no professional photographers, art directors or stylists on “set.” “The Everywhere Shirt Campaign was special because it showed that no matter the circumstance we can count on our friends and family to come together, get creative, and make something happen. This was a great way to show that the Everywhere Shirt truly can be worn “your own way” and can translate seamlessly across various interests hobbies and activities. It was definitely a fun one to be a part of,” said Ryan Goeglein, 686 Social Media Manager.

“It was really special to watch the campaign develop,” noted 686 Team Manager, Patrick McCarthy. “Every time a new photo rolled in we got excited to see what someone’s place looked like or what they shot and each time the bar would get raised as well. It’s funny, we are all so connected through sport and pursuit of adventure, yet a lot of us have never even been to each other’s homes or know what they even look like. Getting a peak into people’s personal lives feels very special in this moment.”

The 686 Everywhere Snap-Up Shirt is available now at 686.com. It is a versatile, stretchable and breathable daily piece that is comfy enough to look great on zoom calls and will come in handy as more outdoor activities open up in the coming days and weeks.

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