Dakine ‘Friendly Foam’ Shane Dorian Pro Pad

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Working in partnership with EcoLogic®, Dakine has developed a new technology for all EVA surf traction that accelerates biodegradation of the material. This provides a more eco-conscious approach to manufacturing and disposal when retiring the use of products. Known as “Friendly Foam”, by adding EcoOne® additives to the EVA foam, the materials will degrade only after entering biologically active landfiills. The by-product is humus and methane gas that can be recaptured into renewable energy.

First to market for surf traction, “Friendly Foam” is available in all of Dakine’s traction pads for Spring/Summer 2019, including the new Shane Dorian Pro Pad and Carissa Moore Pro Pad (each £38). Both feature positraction grid pattern, three-piece construction, 7 mm center arch, 25 mm vert wedge tail kick with bevelled edges and 3M® high grade adhesive for a secure connection to the board. The Shane Dorian Pro Pad also includes cut outs to enhance board feel and increase grip.

The launch follows more than sixteen months of continuous testing by our entire team roster, to make sure there was no compromise to the performance of the pad. We had John John, Carissa, Albee, Dorian and many more use the pads and give us their honest feedback. All of them saw no difference in the performance and loved the “Friendly Foam” process.

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