Ion Neo Tops


The ION Neo Tops are a must have for every water sports nut hitting the sea or surf in milder climates. Although mainly used in warmer waters to keep the sun and wind off the skin, they can also be used as a second layer underneath your wetsuit.
Thanks to the plush, wool-like Hot_Stuff lining, these tops have a luxurious texture that feels great, even on bare skin! The NEO TOPS have a more detailed and technical construction than that of the standard Rashguard, providing 100% UV protection, efficient heat retention and a reduction in irritations and bruising often caused by the harness or surfboard.

Neo Zip Top
The ION ZIP TOP brings all modern features of a Neo top into the shape of a stylish retro jacket. The glide skin neoprene provides extensive wind protection and superior heat retention, the S_Type Neoprene gives increased freedom of movement through higher flexibility in the armpit.


Ion Neo Zip Top

Thermo Tops
ION Thermo Tops bridge the gap brilliantly between the Neo Tops and Rashguards. They have the advantages of a rashguard but provide additional warmth. They are made entirely out of Bi_Poly jersey. The Thermo Tops are quick to dry and fantastically robust on the external surface. The inside feels cosy and warm thanks to the velvety thin lining. With multi-purpose functions, they can be used as a thicker substitute for a Rashguard on cooler days to protect you from the dreaded wind chill, skin chafing and harmful UV rays. In colder waters, THERMO TOPS can be worn under your wetsuit for additional warmth.

Ion Neo Tops Thermo Tops2

Ion Thermo Top

All ION Rashguards are made of highly elastic SpanFlex_UV, in order to not restrict the freedom of movement of the upper extremities. They will keep you shielded from harsh sunlight exposure, reefs and skin irritations on the upper body and also protect you from the wind chill effect. It can also be worn as a thin layer underneath the wetsuit.

Ion Neo Tops Rashguards2

Ion Rashguard

The ION Wetshirt is where fashion meets function. The cut and style look like a trendy t-shirt, long sleeve or tank top, the material shelters you from the sun when getting active on the water or chilling on the beach, but you’ll no longer need to pack a fresh shirt thanks to its quick-dry material and stylish look.

Ion Neo Tops Wetshirts 1

Ion Wetshirt


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