Jones Flagship Snowboard


Since 2010, the Flagship from Jones Snowboards has defined freeride performance as one of the most confidence-inspiring snowboards on
the planet.

Refining the Flagship design year after year has come to define our commitment to producing the most sustainable snowboards possible. From recycled edges and sidewalls, to a flax topsheet and basalt stringers, the Flagship has continually set our standard for high performance environmentally conscious snowboard design. What we call ‘Eco-Performance’.

After three years of development, the 2019/20 Flagship raises the Eco-Performance bar yet again. The Flagship now features a FSC wood core, FSC engineered wood topsheet, flax/basalt stringers, recycled edges + sidewalls, base graphics printed with water based inks and it is molded with Super Sap Bio-Resin, a plant based epoxy instead of standard petroleum-based epoxy. The new Flagship is truly the most sustainable snowboard we have ever made.

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