Lib Tech Round Nose Fish Redux Surfboard


The Lib Tech Round Nose Fish Redux surfboard is one board that rips it all. Packing heaps of control without compromising on fun. This versatile and responsive board has the ability to ride the small choppy surf as well as bigger waves.

The RNF hybrid features a very low overall centreline rocker, with modest single concave under the front foot, to keep the board planing at low speeds.

The concave gradually reduces to flat up in the nose. This generates lift and speed allowing for easy entry into waves. However, speed is nothing without control, the RNF has vee tail, which maintains responsiveness but also enables the board to retain its very low stringer-line rocker.

The radical change from concave in the centre, to vee in the tail, creates an aggressive rail rocker that engages when the board is rolled onto a rail.

The durable and environmentally manufactured RNF can be ridden as a Twin/Quad or a 2+1 or however you like it. Enjoy!

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