Love INC The Swede Glove

Just under 12 months ago love Inc snowboard Co added to its expanding
team with Swedish Pro rider PJ Gustafssons aka the dark swede. 10 months
later they have added to their glove range with pj’s very own pro model
glove… The swede. (quite an achievement considering PJ is famed for
never wearing gloves.

The glove is full leather, and pays tribute to the heavy metal scene.
Full black leather with added pentagram detailing. Designed in
partnership with PJ Gustafsson and love Inc around a driving glove these
babies are engineered as a low profile park and pipe glove suitable for
everyday wear.

”-I’m incredibly happy to see my pro model glove come to market as I
know what a challenge it was to bring my idea to life. By buying this
glove you are supporting an independent snowboard company and of course
myself. Now get out there and show some support.”
-PJ Gustafsson

Available through all good retailers and the love Inc site

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