Quiksilver DNA Boardshorts

Website: quiksilver.co.uk

Quiksilver DNA Boardshorts Collection

This year Quiksilver celebrate their 50th anniversary by bringing back some of the most iconic boardshort styles of all time. The Echo Beach and ST Comp collections pay homage to the staples to surf apparel, presenting a series of iconic designs reproduced using the brand’s modern materials.

The Echo Beach collection offers a nod to the hedonism of ‘80s surf culture, an era that gave birth to some of the most recognisable Quiksilver designs. The collection includes bright geometrics, harlequin patterns and polka dots.

The ST Comp series celebrates the ‘90s and the birth of professional surfing with the introduction of stretch fabric technology. The collection also takes inspiration from the rising popularity of Formula 1, with an array of futuristic side stripes and bold colour blocks.

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