RVCA Neutral collection

Website: eu.neutral.rvca.com

In a time when mainstream definitions are cliché in the face of powerful individual identities; California apparel brand RVCA presents Neutral, an inventive collection meant as a template to foster individual expression, not define it.

The unisex capsule of essential t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts & jackets takes on a minimalistic approach with comfort and wearability at the forefront; soft hand fabrics, heavy laundering, and indigo dyes create worn-in, timeless pieces. With subtle hints of workwear and utilitarian elements, each style is designed to be versatile, look good and wear well on anyone. The collection is offered in sizes XS-XXL for tops and 24-38 for bottoms, with fit based on a men’s scale. The suggested equivalent for women is one full size down.

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