Volcom X Schoph Jacket Collab

Website: volcom.co.uk

Introducing the latest Volcom artist collaboration with Schoph. Schoph is a
UK based artist with deep roots in Snowboarding who has been working with
Volcom over the past 15 years, maintaining a prestigious reputation across the world. This collab is the latest in reaffirming Volcom’s on-going commitment to supporting artists true to the brand DNA, providing them a unique canvas to showcase their work. Introducing two jackets, in both men’s and women’s styles, based on a long-standing favourite in the range – the trucker jacket.

The collab is fused with a traditional shopkeeper’s jacket and the heritage
of functionality that evokes. The highlight of each piece being the unique
oversized back patch featuring a custom illustration by Schoph.

With a raft of features including oversized pockets as a nod to the painting heritage which is an integral part of this collab, the jacket also has a slightly longer cut as well as a hidden zippered inside pocket. Both jackets are also made from Denim, a material which has been an integral part of Volcom’s product story since the brand inception in 1991. In terms of styling, the jackets are ‘western’ inspired – think shoulder patches, double buttons and seams, to ensure maximum comfort. The men jacket also features detailing of Schoph’s signature shaka illustration, a cheeky reference to his snowboarding roots and the action sport heritage of Volcom. He is a man rarely seen without his black denim jackets and jeans, highlighting the fact that this collab is a natural extension of Schoph’s habitual style and Volcom’s brand DNA.

It’s through his creatively and alignment with the DNA of the Volcom brand that we present this truly form meets function collaboration.

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