Xavier De Le Rue Launches Resero: The Next Level In Avalanche Safety


Xavier De Le Rue Launches Resero: The Next Level In Avalanche Safety

RESERO is an entirely new safety device that enables snowboarders to detach their equipment in the case of an avalanche (so as to prevent snowboard from acting like anchor) at the same moment releasing an automatic emergency signal with the rider’s coordinates to the local ski patrol, significantly helping to improve avalanche safety and save lives.

Press Release: Skis or a snowboard can add up to 3 tons of downward force in an avalanche, pulling the rider under the snow’s surface and applying a huge amount of pressure to their limbs.  This can result in suffocation from the snow, crushing and/or serious leg injuries. 

RESERO allows the rider to significantly reduce their weight, improving the efficiency of their airbag and likelihood of staying afloat in the case of an avalanche, seriously improving their chances of survival and/or grave injury. 

RESERO is compatible with all existing airbag systems or may be used solely as an emergency signal system, suitable for use across all mountain sports.

Developed by Avalanche Float Solutions from Munich; founded by 3x Freeride World Tour Champion Xavier De Le Rue, Dmitry Gavva and Dmitry Romashev, their goal is to eliminate as many risks as possible from the mountains and save lives.

“I have had my life saved by avalanche safety technology (the ABS bag) and so I know the importance of having the tools to survive, I want to minimise every possible risk and give myself, and others, every opportunity to stay alive in the mountains.”  Xavier De Le Rue.

RESERO is currently launching production in Bavaria and taking pre-orders for shipment at the end of 2016.




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