MODOM Introduce No-Wax Surfboard

Innovative surf brand Modom are proud to introduce their newest model, the Deadly Mondo, a performance soft top which uses Croc-Top Technology™ to eliminate the need for wax. 

Press Release: Introducing the Deadly Mondo! Featuring Croc-Top Technology™

It’s Deadly… It’s Mondo… It’s our latest big idea from the Modom laboratory and comes in the form of a PERFORMANCE soft board!

Featuring a hand shaped, stringer core with a single, double concave to vee slick bottom – futures five fin setup – nose to tail Modom deck grip (no need for wax on the Croc-Top Technology™) and Modom signature logo pop coloured taildip.

Coming in sizes – 5’2″ – 5’5″ – 5’8″ – more info to come soon – keep updated on our instagram @modomsurf

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