ISPO Munich 2018 Day Three

ISPO Munich 2018 is a wrap and with 2,801 companies exhibiting to over 84,000 visitors from 120 countries, ISPO is officially the world’s largest sporting goods trade show, proving once again why the show will always remain an attraction for boardsports companies and retailers. Images and report by Harry Mitchell Thompson.

The snowboard brands are no longer congregated all together in one block and were instead dissipated throughout B4 and A4 and with some more crossover brands such as Holden venturing as far west as B2. Holden no longer define themselves as a purely snowboarding brand, but a premium brand for winter sports and company Founder, Mikey Leblanc was pleased with their decision to up sticks as they picked up lots of good, different footfall.

The skate brands congregated in hall A5 and although the Longboard Embassy was smaller than in recent years, it was notable just how many motorized longboard brands are now on the market. Skate heavyweights Shiner, Stateside and HLC all setup shop in A5 next to the static pump wave, which was frequented by the rising number of surf style carving boards with pivoting front truck.

Rasmus Ostergaard ran the Welcome to Snowsports platform in the middle of B4, and it served as a hub for the snowboard community, with many meetings and informal chats taking place across the four days. Rasmus pulled together key snowsports product highlights to illustrate current trends and used information from retailers Zero G, Burnside, Black Sheep and On The Mountain to emphasize these points. We look forward to seeing how this concept expands in 2019.

As for the snowboard brands in hall B4, everyone asked was pleased with the show, commenting on the higher levels of traffic, particularly on days one and two. Admittedly all comparisons were working off a low base, with last year’s Polygon format not quite having the desired effect, but there was a lot of positivity at this year’s ISPO and we anticipate seeing a stronger snowboard turnout at ISPO 2019.


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