Lib-Tech Surfboard Demo, Surf Snowdonia

UK agency Ragdoll took on the Mervin account for the UK last winter and after a season of snowboard (and ski) demos, the company’s focus has shifted to surf with Lib-Tech’s durable, eco line of surfboards, and accordingly to Surf Snowdonia in Wales. Recognised globally as the first fully functioning man-made wave complex that is open to the public while also championing a commercially viable business model, the location in North Wales plays the ideal host for a surfboard demo, producing an even playing field with consistent waves rolling through every minute or so.

Ragdoll’s Lauren Lidford was pleased with their first surfboard demo: “We wanted to gather our key UK retailers together at Surf Snowdonia to give them a fair crack at testing our latest line of surfboards. We have two drops per year, and showing the guys these boards gives them the opportunity to test our new offering before our next pre-book deadline. It also allows us to get together to surf, chat, BBQ and drink some fine Snowdonia Pale Ales together in an environment less informal than a showroom with order forms!”

The demo saw several key UK Lib-Tech retailers including Exeter’s Board Basement, Cardigan’s Tonnau, Edinburgh’s Freeze, Secret Spot from Scarborugh and a fleeting visit from Ellis Brigham on the hunt for some new summer product inspiration.

One Eyed Monster gallery by Harry Mitchell Thompson.



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