Behind The Photo: Eric van Rijsingen

Eric van Rijsingen provided us with the latest SOURCE front cover.  It features Dennis van der Klugt who is an employee for Solid ’93: a skate, surf and snowboard distribution company / wholesale & supply store for the Benelux market.  Eric is from Holland, and is currently writing his final law these at a University of Applied Sciences.  Read on to find out more about Eric.

How long have your been taking boardsports photos for?
I forgot how old I was when I first got into photography. Probably started shooting photos around the age of 18 or 19.

What are you currently working on?
Lately I have been focussing on some non-commercial / autonomous photography projects. I’m currently also busy with writing my bachelor’s thesis, which will hopefully lead to the completion of my law study in January 2014. 

What equipment do you use?
I’ve always been switching between analogue and digital equipment. I have been steadily using a Bronica ETRsi with 75mm and 30mm lenses and various backs for the last year though and will definitely continue doing so: the 645 format is perfect for me. Medium format film (especially Ilford HP5) has my preference. Besides that I’ve always been a fan of the Canon 1D digital camera series and used various versions of them for a lot of my skateboarding photos. Haven’t used flashes in years, I prefer natural light. 

Which brands have you worked for in the boardsports world?
I’m actually not too involved with brands. My work is published in various ‘boardsports’ magazines and I shot photos for the local skate shop for a couple of years. 

Where do you live, and what do you find important about your surroundings?
I live in Arnhem, The Netherlands, where green surroundings are to be found all around the city. I find that very important.

Please could you tell us about the shot we used for our front cover?
I shot that photo of Dennis doing a blunt to fakie while visiting Paris with a couple of my friends. Just drove to the city and enjoyed it for a couple of days. Of course we had to visit this famous spot before we returned back home. Wanted to get a clean shot of the trick, so I chose a low angle and a pretty central/straight-forward composition. Actually used two flashed to light the spot up a bit.

Anything else you’d like to let our readers know?
Believe in yourself, don’t let others bring you down and keep chasing that dream. And don’t forget to hire me as your photographer.

Where can we find your work online?
Check out my work at




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