UK’s Slide Trade Show Roundup

SOURCE headed to Telford in the Midlands of England for Slide, the UK’s snowsports trade show organised by Snowsports Industries Great Britain. Surprisingly, Brexit didn’t feature too heavily in conversation, with retailers and distributors talking more about the lack of snow or the eternal problem of early season discounting. Interestingly enough, once the UK leaves the EU, brands will no longer be tied to the EU’s price-fixing laws, meaning – in theory – that brands can have more control over the early season discounters.

In other interesting news, the potential collaboration between Snowsports Industries Great Britiain and the region’s Outdoor Industries Association to provide a combined winter show was received very well by the majority of people asked. Brands will be presented with a more diverse selection of retailers to sell to and retailers will have a bigger pond to fish in. Stay tuned for more developments here.




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