Have A Gd Trip ‘Endless Summer 22’ Collection

Website: haveagdtrip.com

Towels, tees, hats, and a limited run of the ‘ZARA Deck’ designed by Zara Tisma are to go on sale this Friday, May 27. This selection drops as part of Have A Gd Trip’s Endless Summer 22 collection. 

Press Release:

Independent skate company, HAVE A GD TRIP, releases its Endless Summer 22 collection on May 27, featuring a limited edition run of decks, designed by artist and illustrator, Zara Tisma.

The collection pays homage to iconic 1966 surf film of the same name, the Endless Summer. The brand are also teasing what looks to be their second film coming sometime later in 2022, along with a collection of beach towels, safari hats and tees for the perfect, endless summer.

Founded in 2020, HAVE A GD TRIP started as a neighbourhood skateboarding club during the pandemic to encourage positive health and wellbeing to locals; most of whom hadn’t been on a board in 15-20 years. What started out as a small neighbourhood meet up in local car parks and empty markets has since grown to form a platform for sharing conversation and organising events for others who want to pick up a board for the first time and in search of finding a like minded community.

“We first saw the Endless Summer around 15 years ago and the essence of the film has stayed with us ever since.

And while the past few have have been rough through the pandemic, we feel like this is our Endless Summer. Whether you’re heading back to your favourite festival, on holiday for the first time in forever, our new drop is dedicated to having fun in the sun, for as long as we can.

And although the reality is, we won’t be travelling around the world skateboarding for the next 12 months! We will be making the most of every chance we get to have a gd trip, while the weather’s warm and the days are long. And we want to invite you on the journey too.”

– Liam Klimek, Director of HAVE A GD TRIP

The collection launches on Friday 27 May 2022 via www.haveagdtrip.com

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