Limited DC x Andy Warhol Collection


DC Shoes teams up with The Andy Warhol Foundation to create custom footwear and apparel collection celebrating the artistic legacy of the preeminent American artist of the 20th century. The limited DC X WARHOL COLLECTION brings a fresh perspective to Warhol’s ubiquitous works through the lens of DC’s authentic skate heritage.

Warhol is recognized for pioneering the collision of fine art and pop culture. His notoriety was created as much by his physical artworks as by his rich life immersed in NYC creative culture; the studio, the parties, his celebrity muses. The world will never forget Warhol’s legacy and impact on contemporary American culture; he remains one of the most recognized artists of the 21st century. 

We are pleased to work with DC Shoes on this exciting project which uniquely celebrates Warhol as a non-conformist who challenged us to see the world differently. Warhol’s life and work continue to be a beacon for individualists who defy convention making him a natural muse for an organization rooted in skate culture. We are proud that proceeds from this project will generously contribute to the Foundation’s endowment from which it distributes cash grants to advance the visual arts.

DC focused on this theme of Collisions as the overarching narrative for their Warhol collaboration. Through four distinct capsules – War & PeaceSaints & SinnersStrength & Fragility, and Life & Death Strength – compelling new perspectives emerge as otherwise unrelated works collide.

One of DC’s most recognized team riders, professional skateboarder Evan Smith, is both a long-term fan of Andy Warhol and a fellow son of Pittsburgh, PA. Smith appears in the campaign imagery to honor Warhol’s legacy while ironically showcasing Andy’s Fragile series against the backdrop of a most un-fragile activity – skateboarding. Those sitting outside the world of skateboarding may be surprised to learn of close connection; however, art and skateboarding are deeply entwined with a rich history, attracting outliers and provocateurs. 

Andy Warhol should really be credited as the originator of collaboration culture. He smashed worlds together. He juxtaposed high with low and found magic in the mundane. To honor and extend his creative legacy, we used DC’s authentic voice and skateboarding heritage to offer a fresh perspective, colliding iconic, yet otherwise unrelated, pieces from the Warhol archive. We can only hope Andy would be inspired and amused by the effort.

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