Melon Optics First Performance Sunglass For Snow


Off the back of the huge success in 2020 of the Alleycat sunglasses in the MTB market, Melon Optics has taken this Italian made tech piece of kit and equipped it with Snow specific Zeiss lenses. Not only are they packed with features such as Scratch Resistant and Ri-Pel coated lenses, Smart Venting, TR-90 lightweight flexible frames and a lush hardcase they are also fully customisable. RRP 100 Euros.

“We had such a great response on the Alleycat at Shops First Try, and had heaps of industry peeps wanting to get their hands on a pair for on the snow, so we just had to get in touch with Zeiss and fine tune some snow tech lenses for them. We are working closer with Zeiss than ever before, and they have started to create lens tints on our request which is awesome – we couldn’t ask for a better lens partner for Melon!” reported Melon’s Head of Sales Neil Slinger.

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