Quiksilver Presents A New Mikey Wright Film Rock, Featuring The Original Boardshort

Website: quiksilver.eu

Quiksilver today releases Mikey Wright’s brand new film ROCK. Filmed exclusively on that chunk of volcanic discharge in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Oahu, Hawaii – surfs sacred proving ground, and occasional playground.

Quiksilver boardshorts have been making statements in the water since 1969, and these days, nobody is making statements louder than Mikey. ROCK, was filmed with him only wearing The Original boardshort, from day to night in Oahu’s North Shore over a few months of winter 20/21.

Oahu’s North Shore is an iconic place, The Original boardshort is an icon of surfing and Mikey’s surfing is the epitome of original – so hit play, crank the volume, and watch it all come together.

The Original Arch boardshort has been globally relaunched for summer of 2021.

To embed or watch Mikey Wright’s ROCK please see here.


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