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Waking up to a world of Chaos

Volcom is beyond proud to present ‘Future’ – its latest mixed-gender capsule collection. A satirical take on the state of world affairs, Future encompasses the collective insecurity faced by mankind. Climate change, extinction of endangered species, mass deforestation, political polarisation, trade wars… Future is an ironic poke at the seismic phenomenas that threaten our very existence – potentially destroying any future we might have. With motifs such as ‘No Future? No problemo! the grave threats to our existence are acknowledged yet teased through Volcom’s love of classic B side movies and their visual identity. Future is especially inspired by artistic direction and posters of 80’s horror films resulting in tongue in cheek, bordering on sensational reactions to potentially terrifying realities…

It will haunt you in your sleep… It’s the future.

The very graphic direction and colour selection lend itself to the horror filled future we may be facing. Deep reds and fluo greens, pinks and yellows underline the image of the 80’s horror film of a future that we might be facing. The bold colours and graphics are also matched with a green leopard print, representing genetic mutation and toxicity – providing a strong and jarring wake up to the future of tomorrow.

The graphics are led by the work of Michiel Walrave. a Volcom featured artist who’s leading influences of punk rock and horror drive his unique style of florescent colours and bold lines which fuse perfectly with the direction of the capsule. A capsule which truly highlights the terrifying reality of our future…

What will our future be like?
Will there be any future? at all?
Will we wake up in a world of chaos?
Will the rivers run dry?
And will the sea burst into flames?
Are we spitting in the face of the world?
Shitting where we sleep?
Biting the hand that is feeding us?
Should we keep on keeping on?
Or shall we stop?
Are we even scared?

Is there going to be any future?

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