WAES Launches Fully Compostable, Plastic-Free Sneaker Collection

Website: waes.co

UK brand WAES launches fully compostable, plastic-free sneaker collection.

Founded in 2019 by Ed Temperley (previously of surf forecasting website Magic Seaweed), WAES is taking a stand to reduce the micro-plastics epidemic by creating completely biodegradable and sustainably-designed footwear that leaves no trace at the end of life – with every element of the shoe completely compostable.

The brand was founded in response to two studies that reported globally, 24 billion plastic-based unrecyclable pairs of shoes are made every year (enough to circle the world 300 times), and plastic from shoe sole abrasion alone is now named as the seventh-largest contributor to these harmful microplastics, with approximately 109g shed per person every year.

The highlight of the collection is the plastic-free vegan high top dubbed the 1978.

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