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Read and Destroy book launch

Skateboarding culture had a vibrant, messy energy as it emerged from the underground of the early 1980s and the photographers of Read And Destroy magazine were there to document it.

‘Skateboard culture was exploding and evolving and RAD was right there, all the way, documenting the UK scene and fuelling the fire.’ Richard Hart, editor of Push Periodical

For British skateboarders in the late-’80s, Britain’s seminal skateboard magazine RAD (aka Read And Destroy) was more than just a magazine. A whole generation of the underground subculture relied on RAD to be their beacon, bringing them together in spirit and in person.‘[RAD]… was everything. It captured the whole culture. Not just the skateboarding—what people were wearing, music, fashions. You go into the newsagents and it’s there—and you’re in it! You’re like, … this is crazy!’ Danny Wainwright

This summer sees the publication of the much anticipated READ AND DESTROY magazine retrospective, over 270 pages of original photography from the magazine’s deep archive. Written and edited by Dan Adams and published by ACC Artbooks, the book offers a unique and unrivalled record of an important, foundational era in skateboarding’s development in Britain; a unique time, place and attitude. It captures the death and rebirth of skateboarding as it evolved into a mainstay of extreme sports and street culture the world over.

READ AND DESTROY is the inspired and dedicated documentation of a vital subculture driven purely by passion, offering an inside view of skateboarding and youth culture in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s.

Featuring a host of British and global skateboarding luminaries from the 1970s to the 1990s: Barry and Mark Abrook / Salman Agah / Dave Allen / Mark Baker / Ray Barbee / Bod Boyle / Don Brown / Steve Caballero John Cardiel / Neil Danns / Adrian Demain / Steve Douglas / Eric Dressen / Pete Dossett / Simon Evans / Jules Gayton / Rune Glifberg / Sean Goff / Mark Gonzales / Claus Grabke / Jeff Grosso / Tommy Guerrero / Nickey Guerrero / Rodga Harvey / Tony Hawk / Jeremy Henderson / Pete Hellicar / Lucien Hendricks / Matt Hensley / Russ Howell / Craig Johnson / Jingles / Shogo Kubo / Gary Lee / Mac / Mike Manzoori / Mike McGill / Curtis McCann / Alex Moul Lance Mountain / Natas / Tom Penny / Alan Petersen / Lee Ralph / Steve Rocco / Rocker / Geoff Rowley / John Sablosky / Sean Sheffey / Ben Schroeder / Carl Shipman / Ed Templeton / Mike Vallely / Danny Wainwright / Ged Wells / Danny Webster and many, many more…Available for delivery, July 2024.

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As part of London Calling 2 a Read and Destroy Forum will be held at the Motel Studios E2 8HG London on 13th `July from 3 to 6pm. Two 1 hour sessions discussing the life and times of RAD magazine featuring former RAD creative team members including former editor and photographer-in-chief, Tim Leighton-Boyce, photographers Wig Worland, Paul Sunman, Mike John and Jay Podesta and designers Ian Roxbrough andDan Adams. All Hosted by Neil Macdonald AKA @scienceversuslife and Ben Powell, former editor of Sidewalk magazine. Ticket numbers strictly limited, 180 max capacity Seating only, no standing room. No ticket sales on the door £10.00 per person   Ticket sales at

And a RAD custom Tee printing session will be held at the Imprint Works N1C 4DR London on 13th July from 11.30 to 1.30pm. Tee shirt printing workshop using heat transfers made from original RAD magazine graphics and artworks. You can customise your own design using the graphic elements supplied. Add overprints with the laser printing transfer gun. RAD graphics, YOUR design. Former RAD staff will be on hand to discuss the hand made days of magazine layout and art working. £20.00 per person, per package. Package includes pre printed selection of RAD graphics images, RAD stickers, cotton tote bag to customise and one high quality, United Athletic, Japanese made 100% cotton tee for customisation.

READ AND DESTROY books and RAD re-issue merchandise will be available at the venue.



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