Tignes Girls Spring Fling 2024 Roundup

Press Release: I have honestly never heard as many “whoops” and just supportive noises in general as I heard on the Girls Spring Fling 24. I genuinely felt disheartened when I got back to the UK and I had to lug all my snowboard gear through the airport and no one cheered me on!! The girls on this year’s Snowboard Camp gelled together instantly and were so encouraging of one another. Even the tiniest turn warranted the crowd to go wild!!! I think this is why everyone progressed SO much. The right environment, the right people and the right vibe is the ideal recipe. The confidence that grew in the girls and their awesome snowboard skills was amazing to watch. I think they even surprised themselves at how much they learnt in only a week.

Here’s what we got up to…..



Arrival Day. I always get super nervous before I meet the girls, I have no idea why, because each year they are always a total dream team. And this year did not disappoint. We also went international….1x German, 1x French, 1x American, 1x Brit……then also 2x more local girls joining us from Tignes. Once everyone had arrived and settled, we had the Welcome Meeting and the eagerly anticipated giving of goodie bags (thanks Eivy, Yeti, Suntribe, Roxy and Puravida). Early nights all round, ready for the first day on the mountain.


Official first day on the mountain. This day is always about finding our legs (me included!), refreshing ourselves on how to snowboard, and conquering that fear (we all have it)…”will I remember how to get off a chair lift”! Cozza gave the group some tech talk and some basics exercises/ things to think about on our boards. So good to iron out those initial techniques to allow those gnarly tricks to flow later on in the week. Every year we have been treated to fresh powder on the first day of the snowboard camp, this year did not disappoint! The crew were straight in there, slashing the white stuff off the side of the piste like total bosses.

The first “proper” night I like to do a games night, break the ice!! But what happens on Games Night, stays on Games Night. You’ll have to come next year to find out! All I can say is there was a new repertoire this year….


BLUEBIRD!!! What a day! Warm up games, cruising, powder and first black runs (props Jazz!). We dedicated a section of the lesson to some video analysis. Feedback was given sitting in the sun drinking hot chocolate (of course!). The dedicated park day wasn’t until the next day but managed a short intro: playing around on the rollers and green jumps in the Val Park. It was clear, these girls were GAME for the park!

Mega chill and rest night for the ladies….tomorrow was to be an action packed day!


Official Park Day. To really focus on features and tricks, we decided to hike the park. We started with the jumps. I lost count of how many times the girls hiked. Their confidence grew with each lap, and they all ended up spinning 180s off the smaller jumps. I think they even shocked themselves! We then moved over to the boxes. Again, the camaraderie was high they were all unintentionally pushing one another, with everyone trying board slides by the end of the session. They could now 100% consider themselves official Park Rats!! With Vi brining in some mega steeze!!! Props girl! And Hannah and (Gnarly) Carly stepping things up to the bigger jumps.

And what’s the best way to recover from all that hiking?? A HOT TUB PARTY of course!!

With snow angels and saunas to boot. This laid the perfect ground work to roll into the evenings activity, “Mindfulness”.



Rest Day! We like to give the girls a day off mid-week for a break from us (ha), but mainly so they can consolidate their riding so far and can be free to shred anything/ anywhere they like….or rest! However, I’m pretty certain no one took an actual rest day as it was another epic POWDER DAY!! We were zen in the afternoon however as we were treated to the most relaxing and revitalising yoga session ever with the lovely Hannah Duncalf. Just watching those flakes fall on the glass sky light, whilst we were all cosy and stretchy inside was pure bliss. Thank you Hannah.

(I also managed to squeeze in a little skate shhhhh, testing out the new skate park in Tignesspace, EPIC!)

Happy “night off”….did someone say group meal out to eat too much cheese??!! Qui!


Mega explore and “up and over lift”. Today we hired some transceivers from Tignes Spirit as there had been even more snow overnight. One of the girls was keen to do the Up and Over lift from Tignes to Val so we made that our mission for the day. Closet thing in the mountain to a roller-coaster. We even tackled one of the gnarliest button lifts I think I’ve ever been on, props to us all! We also got in some tree riding, some side hits and even a little impromptu snowboard sledding. What an adventure.

The girls had definitely had their Weetabix for breakfast as the afternoon was the much anticipated Gymnastics workshop…….so.much.FUN! I added in some new elements this year that went down a treat. There was an ex gymnast among the girls (Veronica you kept that quiet!) AND some serious moves being thrown down…..However, the top Olympic move came from Sanja and the “Salmon”. Google it.


Into the Back Country. For me personally, this was a HUGE day. In all my years riding I had never been touring/ split boarding. We have aimed to do this is all the previous camps but mother nature always had other ideas, but this year she was on our side. We collected our split boards from Tignes Sprirt (thank you!), and off we went. Cozza took us through how to set up all of our equipment and how to walk properly to get the most efficiency out of our skis/ poles. We learnt how to pick the best path up the mountain and how to turn on the corners (so funny!!). We knew every step would be worth it. So lush to just be us and the mountains.

At the top, we had snacks then converted our skis back into boards to go down. The wind had picked up which made it even more exciting! And those turns in the untouched powder coming down. Heaven. BUCKET LIST, tick.

What an epic week. The icing on the cake was the funniest apres session, which may or may not have included shots and table dancing??! Well, what can I say. Rad week, RAD girls, epic snow, epic FUN. All the girls were already awesome shredders when they came to us, they just needed to believe in themselves. The camp and the crew really ignited this inner confidence. Thank you so much for just being awesome

Cozza and I have already been in chats about next years camp. The dates are pencilled in……

22 nd – 29 th March 2025 Tignes

So get your name onto our mailing list so you don’t miss out. Or email [email protected] for more information


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