Diving Deeper Into Sustainability With Internet Fusion Group (New Parent Co of Surfdome)

With the acquisition of Surfdome in October 2017, the Internet Fusion Group has detailed its plans to continue the sustainable agenda that the online surf retailer has followed since 2015. The group’s state of the art warehouse facility is breaking new ground with what’s possible when it comes to operational green practices on a large scale and the group only has plans to keep improving this year on year.  

Sustainability doesn’t have a ‘done’ tick box

Surfdome as part of the Internet Fusion Group have taken yet another leap forward in pushing the business further ahead on sustainability agendas, by reshaping its operations in a new, highly sustainable state of the art building #PoweredGreen

In the age of awareness and readily available information, along with the cries from the general public for transparency, there is no excuse for a modern business not to be making positive moves towards more sustainable models today. The research has been out for a long time and it’s as clear as it can be that there is a desperate need for immediate action on a wide range of environmental issues. There are also numerous business cases that outline the cost savings and broad benefits to businesses who act in a more responsible manner. 

Yet the business world insists on targets set for 2025 or ‘by 2030’ but we must question if this is acceptable due to the irreversible damage that will happen until we reach these dates.  The Internet Fusion group clearly believe distant dates are not acceptable to protect the very environment that their customers enjoy. 


Internet Fusion Group is carrying forward the culture of ‘Action’ from Surfdome. In 2015, Surfdome eliminated 74% of its plastic packaging from its operations in just one quarter to respond to the marine plastic crisis (and has continued this reduction work) In the same vein of making a change that makes a difference ‘tomorrow’, the newly formed group has wiped the slate clean and started afresh for 2018 with an entirely new operations process in a highly sustainable warehouse.

The environmental credentials of the building start even before its completion thanks to the safeguarding of 124 acres of Peruvian rainforest to offset the embodied carbon emission incurred by construction. This is a well regarded policy and partnership between the building owners Prologis and Coolearth, who through the partnership have have safeguarded 9,691 acres of rainforest.

The list of credentials of the building after completion is very impressive; the building has achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’ and an EPC rating of ‘A’ – achieved through the building’s high-efficiency heat recovery system, Solar PV and Thermal generating electricity and heat from the sun, Grey water systems making use of rain water, full facilities to encourage staff to travel responsibly, areas to encourage the local ecology and a design that encourages the wellbeing of the staff.

But the group has no intention of stopping there and has already built on this sustainability base line, adding a 100% renewable energy electricity contract only buying electricity from wind, sun and hydro power, a 100% bio and frack free gas tariff that only buys gas from the breakdown of organic matter, installing high efficiency LED lighting with sensor controls to limit energy use and creating a ‘zero to landfill’ site.This is to date, and the plans that the group have go beyond this, much further!  

A group with intent – Internet Fusion

This strikes a new age for the various websites under the Internet Fusion banner. The Group plan to work closer with each of its brands to improve processes and provide more sustainable options for their collective of customers.

Sustainability is high on the agenda for the group who plan to build on the well-regarded strategy of Surfdome with renewed vigor under a highly proactive new ownership within the Internet Fusion group, which is set to influence and inspire.

Of course, the passion to protect the environment and the customer’s love of the outdoors are at the heart of the strategy, but the wins for the business are undeniable; hugely popular with the group’s audience, broader coverage in the media of the positive story and a sustainability model that saves the company money. Which forces the question; why are some in the business community waiting until 2020, 2025 …?

Adam Hall, Head of Sustainability at Surfdome said:

“We’ve been proud of our previous headline plastic reduction strategy and warehouse run on 100% renewable electricity tariff, but the oceans, beaches and mountains that our audience love won’t benefit from us standing back and patting ourselves on the back. We need to push forward with the momentum that we have – the plans we are laying out are hugely exciting and the broader impact of working with our brands could be far reaching  – which is all testament to front facing management that understand the importance and responsibility of pushing the sustainability agenda forward”

Martin Brailsford, Internet Fusion CEO said:

“With the acquisition of Surfdome we have of course grown our overall offering, but importantly with the increase in scale brings the ability to not only address sustainability but really drill down deep. Adding sustainability to our DNA creates a longer term business model we can all be proud of”  

Internet Fusion

The group which includes Europe’s largest action sports retailer (Surfdome) which has gained a formidable reputation within the sustainability field of late, through its large scale backing of the #2Minutebeachclean. But more so for the internal operational actions to limit plastic pollution. Now in their 3rd year of the headline environmental strategy, the retailer has eliminated the equivalent of 1.8 million plastic bottles – which accounts for 74% of its plastic packaging – and reverted to biodegradable and recyclable natural materials. These actions have led to the company becoming a case study for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and has been ranked as the one of the top 14 companies tackling ocean waste.




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