First Survey Of Social Skateboarding Projects Worldwide

The first-ever Survey of Social Skateboarding Projects Worldwide will launch at the upcoming Pushing Boarders event in London, UK. The purpose of the survey is to gain insight on any projects and organisations that are using skateboarding for social change around the world, including their impact, aims, and activities. The combined results of the survey will be released online, providing insightful data to demonstrate the reach and influence of projects around the world. Please note, the survey is completely confidential so names and company names will never be published. Click here to complete the survey.

Press Release: On 1 June the first-ever survey of projects using skateboarding for social change will launch, gathering a comprehensive overview on the impact, aims, and activities of this growing global movement. There are estimated to be over 100 social skate projects around the world, using skateboarding as a hook to address issues like gender inequality, refugee integration, and access to education.

The inaugural Survey of Social Skateboarding Projects Worldwide will launch at Pushing Boarders – the first international event on skateboarding for social good – in collaboration with the award-winning skateboarding for development NGO Skateistan.

The survey is open to anyone involved at any level in a skateboarding-for-good initiative, and the combined results will be shared publicly, providing insightful data to demonstrate the reach and influence of these projects around the world.

The Pushing Boarders event in London, UK, will bring together a unique line-up of professional skateboarders, community leaders and renowned scholars from a wide variety of disciplines to examine the unconventional role of skateboarding in fields as diverse as urban planning policy, humanitarian aid, and gender identity. It provides the perfect forum for launching a survey of this kind.

Skateistan is the first international development organization to combine skateboarding with education. Founded in 2008, Skateistan currently runs programs in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa for over 2000 youth each week, including 50% girls.

If you are part of a social skateboarding project do the survey now and share it with others:


On the cover: Pukas’ Adur Letamendia surfing the Pukas Pegaso by Chris Christenson. Photo by Carles Medina.


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