Owen Wright Joins The DHD Team

DHD welcome the newest member of their team, the current world-ranked #9 surfer Owen Wright. Owen’s weapon of choice is the DNA in measurements 6′3” x 18 ¾” x 2 3/8″ at 28.5L

Press Release: Owen was looking for something different in his boards and after a couple of months of testing with Darren Handley he took the next step and competed on DHD in the WSL Championship Tour events at Uluwatu & Keramas.

Owen said, “I started working with Darren on some boards leading up to the CT events in Bali and straight away I felt my surfing lift. I am stoked to announce that I am now part of the DHD team and I am looking forward to working with the people at DHD. Of course a World Title is what I am surfing for, you never know these boards may be what I need to get me over the line”.

Darren added, “I have always had a huge amount of respect for Owen, he is an absolute professional and great guy to work with. I feel that my experience can assist him climb the CT rankings, on top of that the crew at DHD are psyched to have Owen join us, so smiles all round”.

Owen is the first new athlete signed by DHD since Jack Perry assumed the role of DHD and Modom Team Manager. Jack has brought fresh ideas to DHD and has challenged our previous thought process. We look forward to further athletes joining DHD and Modom as Jack identifies emerging and existing talent.




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