Red Bull Bowl Rippers Line Up 2018

The best transition skaters will be gathering in Marseille this weekend for the 3rd edition of Red Bull Bowl Rippers, the event will be taking place on August 31- September 2, 2018. There will be 40 riders taking part in the AM competition with two wild cards being selected to go through to the main event. The event with be live streamed, to watch follow the link below.   

D-5 before Red Bull Bowl Rippers’ third édition! This weekend, the best french and international skateboarders will take up residence in Marseille, at the infamous Bowl du Prado

During 3 days, the best transition skaters in the world will compete in a format that makes Marseille comp so unique, the jam format.

Riders will have to tame the new lines offered by the many extensions spread all around the bowl. One will have to combine technicality, speed, amplitude and creativity to take the win in the skateboarding monument that is le Bowl du Prado.

Red Bull Bowl Rippers’ line-up finally unveiled. 38 of the best professional skateboarders  will stop in  Marseille for this  3rd édition.

X Games multi medalists Pedro Barros (BRE) and Alex Sorgente (USA), last year’s winner Jaime Mateu (ESP), but also the world’s smoothest operator Cory Juneau (USA), the always wild Chris Russell (USA) and Greyson Fletcher(USA), Great Britain’s metronome Sam Beckett or even the machine Tristan Rennie(USA) . Not to mention the 2 french rippers, the local host Vincent Matheron and 2016 edition’s winner Robin Bolian! Another notable fact this year, the presence of the American

Shaun White, who after being the first to glean gold medals at the Winter X Games (snowboarding) and at the Summer X Games (skateboarding vert), would be keen to repeat the feat at the Olympics … to follow.

Two wildcards will be selected for the main event between the 40 riders who will enter the Am comp that will take place on friday august 31st. Riders’ full list below

For the first time ever, the Red Bull Bowl Rippers will welcome the best female bowlriders for a 100% female contest. Brighton Zeuner (USA), the youngest X Games medalist will be there, but also the Hawaïan Jordyn Barratt and the american Lizzie Armanto, who just became the first ever woman to conquer the ‘loop’. On the french side, Shani Bru, European vice champion, Madeleine Larcheron, French champ and Chloé Bernard will of course attend the party.

Full riders’ list below.

Friday august 31st (from 3pm)
Men Pro-Am Contest – 2 wildcards to be selected
Saturday september 1st (from 3pm)
Men Qualifications (38 pro riders + 2 wildcards)
Sunday september 2nd (from 2pm)
Women Semi-finals (15 riders)
Men Semi-finals (15 riders)
Women Final (6 riders)
Men Final (6 riders)


Chloe Bernard – FRA
Shani Bru – FRA
Madeleine Larcheron – FRA
Lizzie Armanto – USA
Paola Flores – ESP
Hélène Long – UK
Stefanie Nurding – UK
Yndiara Asp – BRE
Jordyn Barratt – USA
Eugenia Ginepro – ARG
Evelyn Enriquez – ARG
Poppi Star – AUS

Vincent Matheron – FRA
Stephan Boussac – FRA
Jean Pantaleo – FRA
Sam Geoni – FRA
Robin Bolian – FRA
Danny Leon – ESP
Jaime Mateu – ESP
Pablo Carranza – ESP
Jordan Tackeray – UK
Sam Beckett – UK
George Poole – UK
Alex Halford – UK
Ivan Frederico – ITA
Dannie Carlsen – DAN
Fernando Bramsmark – SWE
Kalle Berglind – SWE
Pedro Barros – BRE
Vi Kakinho – BRE
Felipe Foguinho – BRE
Murilo Peres – BRE
Alex Sorgente – USA
Willy Lara – USA
Cory Juneau- USA
Chris Russel – USA
Tristan Rennie – USA
Kevin Kowalski – USA
Greyson Fletcher- USA
Chris Gregson – USA
Alex Perelson – USA
Clay Kreiner – USA
Graham Colin – USA
Shea Donovan – USA
Anakin Senn – USA
Noah Fuzi – AUS
Josh Dirksen – USA
Zach Miller – USA
Roman Pabish – USA
Justin Riviera – USA

Red Bull Bowl Rippers semi-finals and finals will be broadcasted live sunday on Red Bull TV

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