Korua Shapes Presents Vol. 7 Yearning For Turning – Holy Bowly

Korua Shapes presents Vol. 7 Yearning for Turning- Holy Bowly. Following a powder heavy winter in Europe volume 7 follows a crew of snowboarders that headed to MT Hood, Oregon for the infamous Holy Bowly gathering.

Press Release: We’re stoked to present our latest Yearning For Turning video! Vol. 7 – Holy Bowly follows our tradition short, fast-paced, and straight to the point snowboard videos. This time around with the exception of more airtime and switch riding, due to the insane Holy Bowly setup and our new friend Otto!

Volume 7 follows us on a short trip to the US of A for the infamous Holy Bowly gathering. After a powder-heavy season at home in Europe, there was still some fire and pop left in our legs as we packed our bags and hopped across the pond to Mt. Hood, Oregon. Upon arrival awaited a seemingly endless setup of jumps, bumps, hips, bowls, transitions – a true masterpiece from the crew around Krush & Snowboy Productions. The week flew by quickly in a haze of bowly-laps, parking lot hangouts and Coors Banquet’s, and what’s left is this short film to help us remember what a holy hell of a time we had in ‘Murica.




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