EUROSIMA Beach Party, Seignosse, September 13

The 14th edition of the annual surfing competition hosted by EUROSIMA will be held at the beach in Seignosse on September 13, 2019.

EUROSIMA Beach Party Seignosse Surfing

The annual surfing competition will be held at the beach in Seignosse on September 13, 2019.

Press Release: Started in 2006, the annual Beach Party is a friendly surfing competition for players within the surfing business. Its innovative format will allow you to spend some time in the water, encourage team spirit and share some fun in a friendly yet competitive athletic event.

The question remains: which team will win the trophy this year? Maybe yours!

Format of the event
Each team will include 5 competitors that are employees of a single brand or of several small entities. The competition will evolve around 20-minute heats with 5 surfers of 5 different teams in the water at the same time. Each team and each surfer will get to ride twice. Surfers can ride the board of their choice among shortboards, longboards or bodyboards.

Each competitor can ride as many waves as he/she wishes in each of his/her two 20-minute heats. The best wave of each surfer in each of his/her heats will be kept and count towards the team’s final score. At the end of the competition, each team will add 10 scores for a final result out of 100 to rank the teams. New in 2019: each team will have the opportunity to surf in a group on a giant Anonym Sup stand-up-paddle and add additional points that will be added to their final score.

The team that will have scored the most points will win the battle and take home the trophy!

8 am: Call-time at the spot to launch the day. Confirmation of all teams. Heats are posted.
On-site free breakfast for all competitors.
8:30am-6pm: Intercompany surf challenge – 2 x 20-minute heats for each competitor.
On-site free lunch for all competitors.
6 pm: Prize Ceremony.

Registrations are open until Friday, September 06, 2019.
The team registration form can be downloaded here.

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