Teaser Drops For Nitro Snowboards Movie ‘Offline’

Nitro Snowboards has released the official teaser for its upcoming film – Offline. The film will be premiered around the globe in ten countries before it’s made available for all on November 04, 2019.

Nitro Snowboards Offline Teaser Snowboarding Movie

“It´s more than just snowboarding, it´s literally our escape back to reality” – The teaser is out for Nitro Snowboards’ movie ‘Offline’

Press Release: Nitro Snowboards is proud to present the official teaser for our full-length movie ‘Offline’ – available to everyone on Nov 4th!

Have you ever thought about just dropping everything, getting off your phone, closing your computer, and just living in the moment, offline? Just leaving the screens and creating real memories from your daily daydreams. The real world is out there, not inside the screen. Getting offline allows you to create memories with friends worth remembering until the end. Life is too short to let these moments pass you by.

This is the inspiration for our new movie – Offline. We and our current team of world-class snowboarders are connected online more than most, and we know how important this is in today’s world. Which is why we have realized over the last few years how beautiful it is to disconnect and just go snowboarding and forgetting about the bills you have to pay, the e-mails you need to send, the hours you have to clock in, or the feeds you need to scroll and double-tap through, and just focus on what literally is in front of you.

Nitro Snowboards Offline Teaser Snowboarding Movie

The movie will be premiered around the world in ten countries.

For us, snowboarding is our escape and one of the few things we do that truly allows us to be offline, focusing only on the next turn, side hit, tweak, airtime, carve, pow slash, or high five. Through this video, we wanted to address this issue and offer our solution through snowboarding and having fun with friends no matter where you are in the world.

The film showcases Nitro team riders Eero Ettala, Sam Taxwood, Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Sven Thorgren, Elias Elhardt, Benny Urban, Nils Arvidsson, Dominik Wagner, Griffin Siebert, Jared Elston, Zeb Powell, Zoi Synnott, Laurie Blouin, Marc Swoboda, Torgeir Bergrem, Ludvig Billtoft, Marcus Kleveland, Knut Eliassen, Youtube creator Dan Mace, Volcom´s cinematographer Seth Hout and friends snowboarding around the world with one objective to have as much fun as possible in the moment no matter the conditions. ‘Offline’ features road trip through the USA, the streets of Eastern Europe, Powder in the Alps, a team splitboard vacation to Lofoten, Norway, Austin Smith´s Firetruck adventure to Alaska, a road trip to through the unchartered Balkan Mountains, and of course plenty of good old fashion resort snowboarding with friends.

Nitro Snowboards Offline Teaser Snowboarding Movie

‘Offline’ will be made available to everyone on November 04, 2019.

Featuring: Nitro Team Riders Eero Ettala, Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Sam Taxwood, Jared Elston, Marcus Kleveland, Sven Thorgren, Elias Elhardt, Ludvig Billtoft, Markus Keller, Torgier Bergrem, Simon Gschaider, Marc Swoboda, Griffin Siebert, Zeb Powell, Yung Dolli, Dominik Wagner, Benny Urban, Nils Arvidsson, Zoi Synnott, Laurie Blouin, Nitro Staff Photographer Bob Plumb, Nitro Team Manager Knut Eliassen, and the rest of the Nitro Family and Friends

Watch the teaser for ‘Offline’ below.

Stay tuned for our global premiere tour schedule so you can come and join us for a night of snowboarding appreciation and real experiences with real people OFFLINE!

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