Surf Out Portugal Founders The Stilwell Brothers On Growth And International Presence For 2nd Edition

Surf Out Portugal is back for its second edition after a successful debut in 2018. The event which aims to bring the surfing community closer and help it grow, promises to be even bigger and with an increased global focus. Learn more about Surf Out Portugal 2019 from Patrick and Salvador Stilwell, the Co-Founders of The Good Swell, which organises the event.

Surf Out Portugal 2019 The Good Swell Patrick Salvador Stilwell

The event is back for its second edition after a successful debut in 2018. (Photo: IG @surfoutportugal)

Please, can we have a brief outline of this year’s event?
The 2nd edition of Surf Out Portugal will take place on the 21st and 22nd September 2019. The event’s mission is to strengthen the surfing business as a whole and create a meeting platform for the industry’s main stakeholders by promoting networking opportunities, dialogue, and interactions between brands, distributors, retailers, and consumers. Once again, the show is based on two main pillars: 1) Brand Showcase: a display of the best products and services around surfing 2) Surf Talks: a place to discuss the central issues that will shape the future of the sport.

How have you grown and bettered the show for 2019?
This year will mark a clear statement of the event’s efforts in becoming a reference for the gathering of the international surfing industry. We’ll have big household name brands presents and well as new projects that see in Surf Out Portugal, an opportunity to promote and develop their business. In addition, this year we have several international guest speakers travelling from all over the world to be present at the event. So basically, we’ll have a bigger, better and more internationally focused event.

Surf Out Portugal 2019 The Good Swell Patrick Salvador Stilwell

Patrick and Salvador Stilwell say that this year’s event will have an increased international focus. (Photo: IG @surfoutportugal)

Please give a rundown on the program and some details on the key speakers.
This year we have a great new addition, which is our very own shaping bay, built from scratch. We will have shapers such as James Cheal, Johnny Cabianca, Donald Brink, Nick Uricchio, Diogo Appleton, Almir Salazar all live shaping and taking part in chats amongst them. For the “Surf Talks” per se here is the official programme:

Saturday, September 21: 4 pm – Surf as a Business: Kim Scholze (Germany, ISPO), Michael Spencer (Australia, Chilli Surfboards), Nick Uricchio (Portugal/USA, Semente Surfboards), Nic Von Rupp (Portugal, Big Wave Tour)

Saturday, September 21: 6 pm – More Than Surfing: Ben Cohen (USA, 28th Ave Talent Management), Garrett McNamara (Hawaii, Extreme Waterman), Susana Albuquerque (Portugal, Uzina), Tiago Pires (Portugal, Former World Tour Surfer)

Sunday, September 22, 4 pm – Coexist: João Kopke (Portugal, Pro Surfer), Justine Dupont (France, Extreme Waterwoman), Kepa Acero (Basque Country, Free Surfer), Mario Wehle (Germany, Magic Quiver)

Sunday, September 22, 6 pm – Surf Cluster: Francisco Spínola (Portugal, World Surf League EMEA GM), Greg Healy (Australia, President Boardriders Inc), Luís Araújo (Portugal, Turismo de Portugal), Paddy Cosgrave (Ireland, CEO Web Summit)

So, all in all, we are mixing several different personalities from distinct backgrounds but that all have in common, passion for surfing. We’re very happy to give the opportunity to our visitors absorb all the insight our speakers have to give.

Who are the new exhibitors to the event?
Thankfully the majority of last year’s exhibitors will be present once again and we have great new additions such as Salty Crew, Globe, Hayden Shapes, Cabianca Surfboards, Semente Surfboards, ONDA Wetsuits, Spooked Kooks, Rainbow Sandals, amongst others. We are also delighted to host the world’s very first presentation of a new international hardware brand that we’re sure will be a big hit. Stay tuned for more details! In short, there will be around 50 different brands showcasing the very best of what the surfing industry has to offer.

Surf Out Portugal 2019 The Good Swell Patrick Salvador Stilwell

This year’s event will have some new exciting additions to the exhibitors’ list along with a majority of last year’s lineup. (Photo: IG @surfoutportugal)

Can you tell us how you’re working with the Portuguese government/tourist board to promote Portuguese surfing?
We have been working with our country’s tourism board (Turismo de Portugal) since last year. Surfing is seen as a valuable asset to promote the country and, the tourism board, alongside other major players in the industry, including, several municipalities and regional governments, have been leveraging our natural resources through world-class events and very relevant communication, advertising and PR. At Surf Out Portugal we are working on a different angle, more related to the attractiveness of the country as a destination for foreign investment in the surfing industry and also, at the possibility of Portuguese surf brands working as the country’s ambassadors abroad.

What side events are planned: dinners/ parties/ movie screenings/workshops etc. to allow retailers and brands to network?
The event is designed for networking. In a b2b perspective, but also b2c. The agenda is non-stop between, live shaping at the Shaping Bay, the Surf Talks by Turismo de Portugal, brand activations like Mercedes C. Santos VP virtual wave, or the artist Xico Gaivota with an art workshop that is meant to create further awareness of the plastic problems our oceans face. Meet & Greet some of the Sponsored Surfers from brands like the telecom brand, MEO, and all of this in a unique setting – an emblematic outdoor venue surrounded of trees and nature – that will have with lounge areas and places where people can talk and have a drink. This year’s event will go until 10 pm, so we will also have DJ’s performing and keeping the mood swinging. Moreover, on Friday the 13th of September we will be promoting drinks and a very special workshop at The Oitavos Hotel in Cascais – The Investing Session given by Raize, that will address the importance of getting the right investment strategy for surfing businesses.

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