Finisterre Launches New winter Campaign ‘The Sea To Me’

This winter, British surf brand Finisterre, launches a new campaign that uses the idea that people care and protect things they love to encourage people to remind themselves of their relationship with the sea. The Sea To Me aims to get people sharing stories about why the sea is important to them and their community in an effort to transfer this love into care and protection, which will ultimately impact the future of sealife and the environment.

Press Release: Finisterre launches new Winter 2019 campaign, The Sea To Me.

Finisterre believe that if we connect with the sea, we will love it. And if we love something, we will always protect it.

This winter, Finisterre explore the many different relationships that you, our community, have with the sea. From sailors, to surfers, to those who prefer to watch the waves from the shore, they want to know what the sea means to you and share that love with the world.

The Sea To Me

The Sea To Me stories

The Sea To Me Stories

The Sea To Me- Get Involved

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