Patagonia Gift of Giving

Help Save The Planet This Black Friday With Patagonia

Black Friday is the day people rush to buy products, whose prices may or may not have been slashed, in the hopes of getting a good deal. This increased trade is hugely environmentally damaging; however, Patagonia aims to offset a fraction of this by doubling any donations made through Patagonia Action Works.

Patagonia Gift of Giving

Press Release:
Double your impact to fight the environmental crisis

Black Friday is known around the world as a festival of conspicuous consumption. And this frenzy of shopping makes it one of the most environmentally damaging days of the year. But this Black Friday, and all through the festive period, Patagonia is making it easier for concerned citizens to double their positive impact on the planet. Make a donation to a grassroots environmental NGO fighting to protect our home planet and Patagonia will match it, pound for pound.

Donations to environmental non-profits make up a tiny percentage of philanthropic giving. And the planet is burning. That is why this holiday season, Patagonia is matching all donations made in support of grassroots environmental organisations through Patagonia Action Works from November 29 (Black Friday) until December 31, 2019. Additionally, we are providing a platform for you to give the gift of giving and donate to an environmental protector in the name of a loved one.

Donors can choose to send a digital eCard, print a card from home, or pick up a physical card in any Patagonia store in the U.S. or Europe. No purchase of Patagonia product is required for donations to be eligible for matching.




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