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Construction Begins On A Wavegarden Cove In Swiss Alps

Set to open in early 2021 in Sion, Valais (Swiss Alps), Wavegarden Cove will bring surfing to an area already well known for its boardsports. The opening of a Wavegarden will increase the draw of tourism to the area.

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Wavegarden Demo Centre

Press Release:
Construction Underway of a Wavegarden Cove in the Heart of the Swiss Alps 

After several years of quietly working away, today, Wavegarden and Alaïa SA jointly announced that construction of a Wavegarden Cove has commenced in Sion, Valais, in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

The addition of a Wavegarden Cove to Alaïa’s already impressive action sports centre is welcome news for the country’s 40,000 strong population of surfers. The Alaïa Bay project will give rise to the world’s first surfing lagoon in this mountainous region, otherwise renowned for its world-class ski resorts.

Situated in the zone referred to as “Les Iles” (The Islands), the initial stages of construction of the surfing lagoon – which spans 8500 square metres – has already commenced with the public opening slated for early 2021.

The facility will provide great waves for experienced surfers, but also for beginners and families who can learn to surf under the supervision of professional instructors. Viewing areas and amenities will also cater for the general public to watch all the action and soak up the atmosphere.

Wavegarden Democenter 2

Wavegarden Demo Centre

The co-founder of Alaïa SA, Adam Bonvin, is delighted to finally go public with this news. “This is a historic moment and I am still having a hard time realising that this project that we were dreaming about for so long is actually coming true”, Bonvin said. “Swiss surfers will finally be able to indulge in their passion in Sion, Valais. This project is perfectly in line with the desire to diversify tourism activities with a 4 season offer. It will now be possible to ski / snowboard, skateboard and surf on the same day.”

Wavegarden’s Chief Commercial Officer, Fernando Odriozola, is equally proud of this announcement. “A Wavegarden Cove in the heart of the Swiss Alps is going to be a big draw for the region and we are proud to work with the team at Alaïa SA, who share our company’s vision to bring great waves to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them”.

With the recent opening of a public facility in Bristol (www.thewave.com) and another facility soon to open in Melbourne (www.urbnsurf.com), 2019 has proved to be an extraordinary year for Wavegarden. 2020 is shaping up to be just as impressive with projects in various stages of construction in South Korea, Brazil, USA and Scotland.

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